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….I still remember his analysis….how
thoughtful and well-researched it was…..whenever he was on air, I used to tell my
parents proudly…that’s my professor on TV….I can’t believe that a scholar like him has been shot dead…..It’s like losing a father….

We are assuming (perhaps wrongly) that since Prof Auj was guest of honour at the Iranian Embassy, he must be a Shia. Ceratinly he can be accused of being a non-conformist.

Mr. Auj, a recipient of a presidential medal of
distinction, was known for his unorthodox views and was fighting a legal
case against the originator of a widely circulated text message that
called him an apostate.….The
professor had issued controversial fatwas (religious decrees) —
pronouncing for example that a Muslim woman could marry a non-Muslim
man, and that women need not remove lipstick or nail polish before
saying their prayers.
Such views can cause serious offence to some
conservative Muslims in Pakistan….


This much is true, as Omar has pointed out repeatedly, weapons like the blasphemy law which are shiny and useful will not be put away so easily. It will require a mass movement and a big-hearted man (who can rise above all partisanship).
Muslim scholar named Muhammad Shakil Auj who had received death threats
over “blasphemy” allegations was shot to death Thursday
in Karachi, Pakistan. Auj was the dean of Islamic studies at the
University of Karachi, and some of the blasphemy allegations against him
reportedly originated with his colleagues. 

From the New York Times:

Unidentified gunmen on a motorbike attacked the vehicle he
was riding in on his way to a reception at his honor at the Iranian
Consulate. Dr. Auj was shot in the head and neck and died immediately,
officials said. A female student in the back of the car was shot in the
arm and was treated at a hospital.
A week earlier, a visiting religious scholar at the same
Islamic studies department, Maulana Masood Baig, was also shot dead by
unknown attackers.

had told police that four colleagues at the University of Karachi
had accused him of blasphemy—including one colleague who’d previously
held Auj’s position as dean.
The four were arrested but are free on
bail, and they are “being questioned” about Auj’s murder, the Times
reports. A seminary in Karachi had also called for Auj’s death.

Thursday morning started with very tragic news. One of my beloved teachers who had taught us in university was shot dead for some unknown reason.  

Shakeel Auj was Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi
since 2012. He completed his PhD in Islamic Studies from University of
Karachi in 2000 with a PhD dissertation of “Comparative Study of Eight
Selected Urdu Translations of Holy Quran.”

Apart from PhD in Islamic Studies, he also possessed an LL.B and a
Master Degree in Journalism. With all his books, research papers,
articles and an unending list of prizes and honors, he was an institution of his own.

Shakeel was my lecturer for Islamic Studies during my Bachelors back in
2006. After I graduated, I hardly got a chance to meet him again, and I
still regret it. Dr Auj was an unconventional Islamic scholar
who used to believe that Islam was an easy religion to practice, and it
was the people who had made it difficult.

We used to have
detailed, open discussions on various topics in the class, and he was
always very inviting to his student’s opinions despite having tons more
knowledge and understanding.

I still remember his analysis on the
meaning of “Al Rehmaan” and “Al Raheem”, the two names for Allah; how
thoughtful and well-researched it was! Doctor sahab also had a
strong media appearance and whenever he was on air, I used to tell my
parents proudly that that’s my professor on TV.

I can’t believe that a scholar like him has been shot dead in such a
horrendous way. It’s like losing a father; someone who spent his whole
life serving others without a complaint and played a pivotal role in
teaching, grooming, mentoring, guiding and making us into better
individuals today.


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