One thought on “On the Rohingya issue”

  1. I have a meta-question, basically hoping to understand BrownPundits as a site. Is there a reason you posted the full Chittagong / Rohingya article over in GNXP rather than here?

    I’ve been treating BP as the India-centric site, where GNXP is more for general human anthropology and for you in particular. Obviously the Subcontinent has more of an interest in the Rohingya than the average Westerner does.

    Is it that the article you posted on GNXP is meant to explain the Rohingya (and Chittagong, and Old Islamicate Bengal, &c.) to a non-Indian audience? If so, can this site’s Indian readers expect a parallel article explaining the situation to them? (India is a big place, so I assume that not all Indians know the situation as well as you do, and might find such an article of use.)

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