Juice: A Short Film about Patriarchy

My wife recommended that I see this short film (15mins) and I found it to be excellent.

India shows an emotional and social maturity light years ahead of its Muslim neighbours.

Also a very moving clip from Turkey:


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6 years ago

In Bharat it is believed that the genders can never be equal. Woman are far superior. Krishna in the Gita says woman have seven spiritual qualities while men only have three. Since woman clearly are smarter, wiser, more creative and powerful (power = synonym of woman in Sanskrit) they find their men to be impractical fools who can’t help but get themselves in loads of trouble that woman have to bail them out of. But woman can’t help but love their adorable cute boys and men. As a result to protect their men and boys, woman take care of them . . . converting males into completely dependent welfare free loaders.

While I understand their motivation, woman are not doing their men any favors. Woman need to start giving their men and boys some tough love for their own good to toughen and strengthen them. So that boys can realize their intrinsic divine potential.

My hope is that video sets off a broader societal manifestation of this true love and true compassion ladies have more their boys.

Ancient Bharat was a matriarchal rather than patriarchal society.

6 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

“Ancient Bharat was a matriarchal rather than patriarchal society.”
You must be kidding, right? Otherwise you made your point well that woman better shed their deferring attitude and show some tough love to their men in life.

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