Where do humans come from?

We know very little about the past

All groups studied, from British and Bengali people to Peruvians and Puerto Ricans, had a dense cluster that closely matched the Altai Neanderthals. Some populations also had a cluster that matched the Altai Denisovans, which was particularly pronounced in East Asians.

The surprise was a third cluster — not like the Neanderthal DNA and only partially resembling the Altai Denisovans. This, the authors concluded, was a second and separate pulse of Denisovan genes into the DNA blender.

“The geography is quite suggestive,” Browning said. The authors hypothesize that, as ancestral humans migrated eastward, they came across two different Denisovan populations. One pulse, to the north, shows up in people from China, Japan and Vietnam.

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5 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

Sri Lankans?
We should be very very dark skinned till the pesky Europeans mixed with us for 500 years.
Sri Lankans have a high % of ASI (from a sample of 7)

Bandara is an honorific in old Sinhalese. Bandar?


[…] Where do humans come from? […]


[…] Where do humans come from? […]

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