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The biggest mistake Pakistan did was to move the capital from Karachi to Islamabad.

Probably was a big factor in the secession (the jute profits went to build Islamabad), Punjabified/Pathanicised the country.

Muhajirs, sadly lost political control after that I think until Musharraf, who incidentally was Pakistan’s best leader. Again it was lawyers in Lahore who conspired against him.

How the English should provide “soft power reparations” to India

Watch 7:18 to 46:45 and again from 59:30 to the end.

Main takeaways are that the English should provide soft power reparations to India:

  1. England should build memorials to the brave Indian Army heroes who won WWI and WWII for the Allies and the world. The world has benefited enormously from Indian heroism; if not for India the Axis would likely have won WWI and WWII.
  2. England should “NOT” provide financial reparations to India nor feel guilty towards India; nor should Indians feel any resentment to English people today.
  3. England needs to institutionalize and support Swadeshi Indology including collaborating with India to:
    1. refute the Aryan invasion theory and unscientific hypothesis of “Dravidians”.
    2. collaborate with India to resist post modernism
    3. collaborate with Sanathana Dharmis on neuroscience, mind, meditation, consciousness studies; where neuroscientists provide attribution to the ancient Sanathana Dharma texts that assist them in neuroscience research.
    4. collaborate with India on “Yoga”, stretching, pranayama, health and (I would add intelligence).
  4. Stop collaborating and helping the Indian post modernist left and “Breaking India” forces. They often disguise their intentions with a “human rights”, “freedom of religion”, “freedom of speech” facade. The old Indian left has been politically defeated with the election of Modi. Back the new dispensation.
  5. Collaborate with India on cutting edge collaboration on product development (I would add process innovation.)
    1. Recognize what happened in the past and move forward. Acknowledge the damage English exports of Structuralism, Marxism, Post Modernism have done to India.

The more “soft power reparations” England provides to India, the more England will benefit. England will proportionately benefit more than India will from providing “soft power reparations” to India. Indians don’t believe in win, lose. Swadeshi philosophy believes in win win.

Rajiv Malhotra disagrees with Sashi Tharoor on the effect of UK colonization of India, England apologizing and paying financial reparations to India.

Rajiv Malhotra summarizes part of what decolonizing academia means:

Pakistan’s Punjab, the Urdu literary hub of Pakistan, is slowly waking up to its lost Punjabi identity

I don’t know what to make of this article but many thanks to Kabir for sending this on to me:


“In this battle between Urdu and Hindi, it was Punjabi that lost out. As languages acquired religious identities, Punjabi increasingly became associated with Sikhs. It is an attitude that continues to exist in contemporary Punjab. While the language is still used in the vernacular, it is completely cut off from intellectual and educational structures. Just as it was imagined during the colonial regime, it is still often referred to as a barbarous language. In October 2016, a leading private school organisation found itself in the limelight for all the wrong reasons when one of its principals, in a school notice, declared Punjabi an example of “foul language”. It is no surprise, therefore, that Punjabi students studying in the best schools and colleges of Punjab grow up without even a minor acquaintance with classical Punjabi writers or its popular folk stories.”

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