Ancient Egyptian, Arya and Greek history

Almost everything we think we know about history is wrong. We don’t actually know how old the Pyramids and ancient Egyptian remains are. We don’t actually know when Alexander the Great was born. Perhaps we need to reexamine all our ancient history from every part of the world with a fresh lens.

Some earlier articles that relate to this are:

A special shout out to Razib Khan for all the many things he has taught me, and not just with respect to genetics and genetic history. Look forward to learning many more things from Razib Khan in the future. [Have never seen a patronizing comment by Razib Khan.]

Welcome back Zachary Latif 🙂 Please bring some Persian cultured wisdom to us commoners.

Slapstik, we need our Pandit back!

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[…] Ancient Egyptian, Arya and Greek history […]

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