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The Wachowski siblings said they created the Matrix inspired by the Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita and Buddhism. The Matrix is a great summary of Arya culture, values, philosophy, science and civilization. Veedu Vidz is one of the wisest commentators with Hindustani Bharatiya heritage.

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4 thoughts on “Matrix Movie Review”

  1. Zion is hinduism/buddhism?

    many xtian elements too, people see what they wish to see. And it would be nice if you point to source. Their primary source seems to be some japanese anime culture.

    If anything, westworld reminds me of reincarnation or re birth, I see that with computers repeating tasks endlessly before they get it right/understand things.

  2. Thanks Bharata. The article is updated with two hyperlinks regarding the philosophy of the Matrix.

    Serious question, did anyone not like the Matrix? Who does everyone think Seraph was?

    1. I dont know, I am not sure of your view of this being representation of H/B or arya culure either .

      For example, Neo’s death saves all, that saviour mythology is of xtianity for example. They have included many elements and anime culture. It isnt entirely sure which parts were just about the movie and which parts were deliberately chosen for some symbolic reason. There are elements for sure. You are right about that. I see it as mish mash.

      I read a review at end of westworld first season and compared to awakening of dolores, comparison to Hinduism. I thought that had more to it than this. And what do you have to say about computers learning through endless tasks repeated over and over before it gains competency?. Or learning from the collective human wisdom of millions of examples of data being fed into it. I see this a more tangible connection not just to some show, but even in the evolution of the coming AI as well.

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