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5 years ago

Is it `Orientalism’ if white people aren’t the ones doing it?


5 years ago

SP, loved it!

Two main take aways:
—the Chinese fighters were horrible fighters. I thought it was anti Chinese racist orientalist to portray Chinese as people who are not martial arts masters.
—the Indian yoga master dude was way too arrogant. He could have easily beaten the two Chinese losers for the first 90% of the fight. Instead he played with them, showed off and gloated. That is why he lost. Important lesson here.


SP, I need to read your prior response to a previous thread. Your comment was initially treated as “SPAM” and had to be taken out of the Spam section.

Milan Todorovic
Milan Todorovic
5 years ago

While we are waiting for news from India/Pakistani border…

For those who missed, last week at BP was another moment of global significance. It started as a discussion involving a Native American. A simple question, I think, caught everyone by surprise. The fact is that we all know many things about Natives of North America (Apaches, Sioux, Cherokees, Geronimo, Cochise), South America (Inca, Maya, Aztec, Machu Picchu), Australian Aborigines (dream time, 500 tribes/languages before European settlement, attempts to recreate some extinct languages), etc.

The question was – Who were European Natives?

This question immediately uncovers falsified or hidden ancient European history. It is the first question on my list which I would suggest Indian scholars to ask Oxbridge/Harvard scholars when discussing ancient SA history. This question alone makes ridiculous the term ‘Indo-Germanic’ which was after 100 years of usage replaced with ‘Indo-European’. It also questions all language theories what would be the second question on the list for Euroscholars.

The follow up questions are – why there are not well known academic papers, documentaries, popular books, movies, etc, as in the case of non-European natives. However, having said that, I found one example of popular genre which could fit in the time of European natives.

The Conan Barbarian/Destroyer!…. Stay tuned, the comment is coming! In meantime you can listen the most beautiful Serbian waltz ‘Waves of the Danube’ which got the top award at World Exhibition in Paris in 1889. This song was performed by Frank Sinatra, Django Reinhardt, Andy Williams, Glen Miller…Maybe some will be interested to see where their ancestors came from, from Danube (Vinca) civilisation.


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