Browncast Ep 45: Jordan Anaya on “data thuggery”

By Razib Khan 1 Comment

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If there is one person who combines keen attention to scientific methodology and toxic masculinity, it’s Jordan Anaya, a “data thug.”

A brutal realist who helped destroy the career of Brian Wansink, Anaya revels in is status as a one-man Occam’s Razor.


One Reply to “Browncast Ep 45: Jordan Anaya on “data thuggery””

  1. Dude dropped out of a MD/PhD (which are super-competitive) program in presumably the 6th year (out of 8-9), if he was doing his dissertation. Whatever else can be said about him, he’s a man of conviction and courage.

    Shame he didn’t stay in medicine though. We could use more iconoclastic minds like his.

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