Browncast Episode 54: Sojourn in India as a international Parsi

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On this episode, we talk with Iona Italia about he experiences a returning Parsi (she was raised in Europe) to the Indian subcontinent. She is the host of Two for Tea podcast, an editor of Areo Magazine, and a contributor to Letter Wiki.

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4 years ago

It was a nice podcast.

Parsi exclusivity almost reminded me of Brahminism 🙂

There was a Parsi kid I used to play with in Surat when I was quite young. I heard a few years ago that he had become a priest, which seemed weird to me but considering how rare a commodity they are, it makes sense now.

4 years ago

When i was a child my mom described Parsis as Muslim ( since they share common surnames) Baniyas ??

4 years ago

With regards to Mumbai naming.

It was called Bombay in English, Bambai in Hindi, and Mumbai in Marathi and Gujarati.

This was never really an issue till the 90s with the rise of anti-Hindi speaker sentiment.

Shiv Sena (Marathi populist party) was responsible for the name change.

Elite institutions resisted the change for eg. IIT-Bombay is still called IIT-Bombay.

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