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  1. Over in America, our “National Conservatism” Conference has sent everyone into a brouhaha. You can check it out under the channel “National Conservatism” on Youtube.

    I for one am not a “national conservative,” nor does there appear to be much ideological cohesion in a group where John Bolton and Tucker Carlson are sharing a stage (there have never been two more diametrically opposed human beings.)

    Still, I am glad someone is throwing down the gauntlet at an increasingly arrogant and censorious Left.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn7Y7X8i4hY

    Interview of Aditya Puri, MD of HDFC Bank (India’s largest private bank by market cap).
    What I find interesting is the difference in the English accents between Puri and Shradha Sharma (the interviewer).

    Old school British-style educated vs new age Netflix and YouTube influenced.

  3. A bizarre war is brewing in Indian cricket over how much time the players can spend with their partners while on tour. The BCCI has been left stunned after a court-appointed committee decided Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri could decide how long wives and girlfriends spend with the players while overseas. Previously, the BCCI has had full control of the travel schedule of WAGs, usually demanding the players spend large chunks of tours by themselves, before allowing partners to join. During the recent World Cup in England, wives and girlfriends weren’t allowed for the first 20 days after departure from India, before being given a 15-day period to spend with the players. The wives of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni are permanent fixtures during tours – albeit during pre-determined windows.

    However, that appears to be a thing of the past after the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators handed full control to the team’s captain and coach. BCCI left fuming. A senior BCCI official said that the decision was “a clear case of conflict of interest”.

    HAHAHA – What a joke, girls felt itchy could not wait (couple months) until the game is finished. They should date some kickboxers instead. Although, boundary guys simply could walk out during the game, take one hour off, do the job and get back into the game. None would register their absence. Or, they could be self-sufficient during the game, none would register, either.

    PS: Sachin is inducted into ICC Hall of Fame. Now, he can do the job full time without any such BCCI limitations.

    1. PPS: The truth is, those self-sufficient guys could be accused of balls tampering, but it is worth of taking the risk especially because they are accustomed on day-long repetitive movements.

      1. PPPS: To be fair, there is another side of the medal (medal, medical, medication, madhu, etc – a root word is ‘med’ = honey, in Serbian). If these guys do the job as they play cricket (repetitive, never ending, back and forth, days and nights, balls tampering) this could be a value proposition which these girls cannot easily dismiss and may be inclined to think that it is worth waiting a couple month for powerballs.

    1. “Which was a surprise given his blog nowadays mostly consists of lots of clickbait for Boomers aggrieved about non-whites being present in the USA.”

      That’s Sailer’s entire brand. He’s a white supremacist.

  4. It has always intrested me how much desis back India seem to take pride in achievements of desis in the west. Which leads to me to think do desis of the west also take pride of being born/ or from ethnic background of the subcontinent.

    I have a theory that perhaps ethnicities which are trans national ( Punjabis , bengalis , Tamils ,Pashtuns etc) would have perhaps tried to front lond their ethnic identity more than their subcontinental idendity had their origin country not been somewhat successful (which is not the case today ). For better or for worse subcontinental countries are still not as negatively viewed as let’s say African or middle eastern counties. It would be interesting to know what would have happened if that would have been the case.

  5. Jaydeepsinh_Rathod is editing/deleting comments that challenge his OIT conspiracies on his recent Zebu post.

    1. Indthings . . . you have a right to your opinions and analysis. We can sometimes speak what we believe sweetly. There is no harm in excellent manners. 🙂

      For example the above could have read:

      “Jaydeepsinh_Rathod is editing/deleting comments on his recent Zebu post.”

      Manusmriti 4.138:
      सत्यं ब्रूयात् प्रियं ब्रूयान्न ब्रूयात् सत्यमप्रियम् ।
      प्रियं च नानृतं ब्रूयादेष धर्मः सनातनः ॥ १३८ ॥

      satyaṃ bruuyaat priyaṃ bruuyaat na bruuyaat satyamapriyam |

      Truthfully (satyam) speak (bruuyaat); Sweetly (priyam) speak (bruuyaat); Don’t (na) speak (bruuyaat) truth in a way that is not sweet (satyam a priyam)

      priyaṃ cha naanṛtaṃ bruuyaat esha dharmaḥ sanaatanaḥ ||

      Sweet (priyam) untruth do not (cha naanrtam) speak (bruuyaat);

      this (esha) is Dharmah Sanaatanah (Sanathana Dharma or eternal Dharma)

      1. I didn’t use any curse words or personal attacks in my comment. Everything I said has been said countless times in various contexts by other users here. If someone advances what is considered a conspiracy theory, I’ll call it a conspiracy theory.

        I’ll directly email Zack to sort this out if my comment does not reappear.

        1. he has a right to edit his threads as he sees fit. you’re pretty rude to him tbh. i kind of tend to agree with you on the merits of a lot of criticisms, but BOTH of you take too maximalist a position on the substance.


      As I’ve told you before, you go way overboard in your comments. You pick one nugget of information, and then exaggerate and stereotype it to its utmost. Sometimes you treat theory as proven fact. All of this to bolster your political viewpoint.

      Focus on critiquing the content of JR’s post if you can. He does advocate the OIT theory, which though untenable compare to AIT (in my opinion) isn’t so absurd that it can be dismissed away (though further discoveries in genetics and other areas could change that.) My guess is you called him a Hindutva tool (or some equivalent), so I’m not surprised he deleted your comments.

      I like the idea of commenters challenging conventional wisdom on this blog, but that way you try to do it does a disservice both to your side of the argument and to the comments sections in general.

      1. Moreover even if OIT is untenable (and I am fairly certain it is), how is it a conspiracy theory?

        Pizzagate and Chemtrails are conspiracy theories. Steady State Theory and Creationism are proven falsehoods, but nobody calls them “conspiracy theories,” which has a connotation that goes beyond simply “wrong.”

        1. cuz ppl who support conspiracy theories are crazy 😉

          game of rhetorical defamation is fun, but don’t be surprised when it blows up in your face.

  6. Numinous,

    OIT is dismissed as flat-earther nonsense by non-Hindus.

    Also, when have I ever engaged in petty insults (Hinduvata tool) against users here? I can think of twice, both times I apologized immediately after sending the comment. Users here have called Arabs “camel jockeys”, have called each other, “fucking idiots, dumbass”, etc, and not had comments removed.

    My comment was benign. I said JayDeep is promoting the OIT conspiracy theory, which goes against the genetic, historical, linguistic, and archaeological evidence. I said he is trying a new tact by misrepresenting animal migration theories as a means of advancing OIT. No personal insults were used, no profanity, nothing of the sort.

    Its clear I ran afoul of some Hindu blasphemy law that certain users here with mod privileges like to enforce.

  7. OIT is dismissed as flat-earther nonsense by non-Hindus.

    he didn’t come out and say it. there is actually interesting information that the OIT use to support their theory that is true, even though the theory is almost certainly false in the way they present it.

    the IVC<=>mesopatamia zones were clearly interacting with each other a lot, and it was reciprocal (there are cuneiform records of ‘merchants from meluha’ who had permanent towns in mesopatamia).

    within the next year or so JR will see all the ancient genetic data (he has seen some, but i hear they have more). i hope he changes his views, but if he doesn’t, his epicycles are always interesting and entertaining to me (though always imagine him screaming loudly like my dad).

    (also, your language is purposely inflammatory and exaggerated; plenty of hindus think OIT is silly, but you are casting it in a sectarian tone. perhaps that’s just how you roll because of the way you were raised, but it polarizes something that doesn’t have to be so extreme)

  8. your association of OIT with hindus is as valid as associating salafism with muslims. there is some basis in it. but most hindus don’t support OIT with any vigor, and most muslims are not salafists.

    until a generation ago most right-wing hindus were probably with tilak on the arctic origins of the aryans

    1. I already wrote about the origins of Aryans. I haven’t studied this much but the fact that we still don’t know the full dynamic of the Ice Age (it is possible that some people lived close to the arctic, mammoths’ fossils confirm that some areas there were grasslands). I don’t dismiss tilak a propos although it is almost 100% certain that Aryans originated in Danube’s Vincha civilisations.

        1. LOL, it reminded me of this hindi tv series


          “Set in ancient India during the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization and beginning of the Vedic age, this epic follows a saga of war between the Dravidians and the Aryans. In Arambh, Devasena, the daughter of Chamundi, leads Dravidians in a battle against the Aryans. However, she meets Varundev on the battlefield and falls in love with him, despite knowing that he is an Aryan.”


          1. Whether it is Indian history of antiquity (Aarambh), middle ages (Bajirao-Mastani) or the colonial era (Kesari) Bollywood is capable of reducing complex topics to complete nautanki.

            Watching Bajirao do a Govinda type dance screaming “dushmanchi vaat lagli” is a surreal experience. At least poor Mastani managed to escape with her dignity unscathed.

          2. How absolutely blasphemous, that story! The real Devasena is the daughter of Indra and the wife of Subrahmanya. (So almost like a reversal of the Aryan husband-Dravidian wife archetype shown in that TV show; if we somehow lean for a moment towards a certain Parpola-esque idea that the Skanda/Kumara/Karttikeya/Subrahmanya figure has origins in the pre-Indo-Aryan Indus valley. But all of this is incredibly stupid of course lol)

  9. Was just catching up on the Brown casts which i had missed. Some thoughts

    a) The parsi podcast was so enlightening. Specially the difference b/w Indian Iranians and Indian parsis. The final moments of the podcast was just so deep about choices made in ones life and all. Its mirrors so much of my own life decisions. The turn on the podcast was so sudden i felt it even made even Razib a bit philosophical . 😛

    b) I feel for Jahanara’s anxiety on Indian politics podcast. We can never understand how someone who is of muslim origin might feel considering what’s going on in India (and the news which comes out of all this). Whether its right or wrong, the least one can expect from the other guests (i think Vidhi does a good job) is a bit more understanding and sympathetic . Just feel Kushal is a bit dismissive while Mruttonjoy tries to rationalize it (both sides have bad apples).

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