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Last month BP received more traffic from India than the United States for the first time. Above you can see a three-year trendline of BP user growth. In a little over one year “Brown Pundits” in some form will have been around for 10 years…

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  1. That’s strange, perhaps folks from India, only read and surf away, because majority of comments are still (i feel) from folks based in USA.

    1. I’d like to see numbers on that graph, but I do hit the website 10 or so times a day. BP is my default diversion site, like Facebook or Twitter is for so many people.

  2. Instead of focusing on 3rd world countries, you should focus on awesome Aryan countries like Serbia and steps should be taken to increase traffic from such super cool Aryan countries where people are very smart,nice and humble so that BP readers can read some quality comments. ?

      1. Someone who watched the previous folk dances from central Serbia, performed by amateurs, could notice their similarity with Irish Riverdance. Apart from the same Vinca origins, names (up to 13.c when they were prohibited by English) mythology and Gaelic similarities, it is another aspect to establish their cousinship. It would be interesting if there are similar dances in India (considering that some Celts i.e. Goths came to India) which were preserved from old times. All European nations usually have only one typical folk dance and traditional clothes while Serbs have about 20 various dances and clothes. This is another big field for research which can provide evidences about common origins.

  3. This blog discusses openly about Islam, “Aryans” and other things that any Indian blogger will not dare to do. An ‘obscure’ blog like this is a good place to escape the draconian laws that curtail the freedom of expression in India. Perhaps this is why numbers from India are increasing?

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