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  1. Thanks Razib. Good Work.

    It is too late to advise them not to shut everything down. Where I live, they have closed all of the schools and all of the bars and restaurants.

    Fortunately, I have a case of Johnny Walker Black in the basement.

  2. Yogi is encouraging consumption and merchandizing of cow piss and dung in UP to ward of corona wtf

  3. Hey Razib, First, thanks for your good work . I heard two of those podcasts and found them quite interesting. But Covid19 is a topic which for me is difficult to get a clear picture. So I would like to hear your opinion to this:

    In Germany there is one visible expert (Wolfgang Wodarg) who says, that at the moment there is no scientific foundation to this panic because:

    1. in this season the excess mortality is relatively low this season; cf:

    2. that in the last years there always were corona viruses involved in 5 to 15 percent of acute respiratory disorder cases, cf
    all from

    3. that it is not clear if the tests test only for Sars-Cov-2 or also for other corona viruses, which in Europe are distributed with an expectation of 5 to 15 percent

    4. that the collapse of the Italian hospital system is mostly a result of the panic and not so much of a higher number of acute cases.

  4. @razib

    sorry if this isn’t super relevant to the post above, but the open thread seems to be inundated with comments so

    In my evo anthropology class, I am often reminded of the idea that Natural selection acts only on the level of the gene and not any other level. Is this the scientific consensus, or is this just politicking science?

  5. What happened to the Jeremy Carl podcast?

    I downloaded it and listened to it. I liked it and wanted to send the link to my brother.

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