Browncast Episode 91: Jacob Shapiro on the EU, China, and the Geopolitical Impacts of Coronavirus

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This episode features Omar, Mukunda, and Akshar talking to Jacob Shapiro, a very knowledgable geopolitical analyst, where we have a free ranging and free flowing conversation about various topics like the state (or lack of) the EU, Chinese diplomacy, Turkish ambitions, and the question of American dominance amongst other issues. You can find him on his Twitter where he’s always giving great, nuanced perspectives on complicated geopolitics with particularly great takes from his newsletter.

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10 thoughts on “Browncast Episode 91: Jacob Shapiro on the EU, China, and the Geopolitical Impacts of Coronavirus”

  1. My mom has a positive corona diagnosis. I have it too likely. Just flu like so far. We are both in healthcare field
    I am basically asymptomatic except mild cough

    1. Wish you and your mom a fast recovery.

      A bit off topic, but since Warlock mentioned he is fairly asymptomatic.

      Iceland, which has the most comprehensive testing, suggests that 50% of cases are asymptomatic. Based on data on worldometer Icelands mortality rate is 0.045%. It also has one of the highest reported cases per capita.

      Is it possible that covid-19 has a sub 0.5% mortality rate, but the infectiousness is much higher that expected, and most of the differences in mortality rates between countries is due to a lack of adequate testing ?

      Seeing a lot of dumb coverage on the news comparing different country mortality rates without looking at #of tests per capita.

      Then again some of the people talking about this are medical professionals, so maybe there is something I am missing.

    2. Wish you a speedy recovery!

      I think we did come in contact with people with Covid19 but not sure. Wife thinks she did get it but doctor didnt ask for any tests since she didnt have most symptoms. I only had cold for couple of days. Since then feeling healthy. Self isolating to make sure we dont pass it to anyone.

  2. Really enjoyed this episode. Interesting questions and responses.

    One suggestion/request — every speaker seems to have their own volume. Any way to smooth that out? Otherwise listeners need to change the volume depending on who speaks.

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