I just watched a somewhat silly film Extraction on Netflix. There’s not much plot. But some of the background is subcontinental. Some comments

* The translation of the Bengali elided quite a bit of flourish. For example, they didn’t translate “son of a bitch” from Bengali into English in the subtitles

* The dominance and impunity of organized crime in Dhaka seems implausible

* It was kind of funny watching Chris Hemsworth beat up guys a foot shorter than him

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  1. I have not watched it yet but can you tell me about Hollywood’s and bollywood elements in this movie. Obviously Netflix is doing very well in India with original series like Sacred Games(you should watch it) , Jamtara , Ghoul etc on the good end and series like Leila (kind of like post apocalyptic scenario of dominant culy aryavarta ) which is obviously made for a reason.
    Production by Russo Brothers as well as Screenplay by Joe Russo with a Multi starrer , multi ethnic cast and big man Chris Hemsworth in it. Seems kind of the want to understand the Indian Film industry by creating movies about what works or what didn’t work.

  2. Jaded drunk Aussie walks into Dhaka and beats up dark short people amidst scenes of extreme brutality (a child is dropped off a building in an initial scene to get his buddies to “talk”. Soon after, another boy is asked to cut off two of his own fingers. I stopped watching at this point. Do desi audiences really want to watch this ? What’s with the excessive gore and foul language in Netflix movies for desi audiences ?)

    Also interesting is the sight of high school age kids in Bombay bars. Does this really happen ?

    1. Yes, i went to play inter school cricket tournament in Mumbai in early 2000s, and went to a club with those folks then. Not a night club though, more like a regular pub.

  3. “Pramaan Daao”



    They should have cast Bengali/Bangladeshi actors at least.

  4. They got a few details off. I felt that the Bangladeshi gang chief’s aesthetic was way more Indian, almost nouveau riche Maharashtrian.

    That aside, I felt like this was good easy entertainment. It isn’t very smart, like Fast and Furious, it is lots of fun.

  5. This is a comment from a Bangladeshi on IMBD I guess.

    “Action Packed but Completely missed the Environment of Dhaka
    The premise of the movie was supposed to set in Dhaka, a city of 10+ million people in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, they completely missed mark making the set in Dhaka.

    To start with, the accent of the locals are wrong, they are speaking in an accent that’s commonly used in West Bengal, India. Dhaka and People in Bangladesh, in General, have a completely different accent. Throughout the movie, Hindi songs are heard in the background, where everyone is watching tv during midday. People go to work here, Dhaka is the capital, nobody sits on their asses watching TV midday. Bangladesh has its own music industry, although the movie had some issues acquiring copyright for some of the songs to play in the background.

    The environment is wrong. Sure Dhaka has slums and dirty places, but most of the city is developed enough with an actual nice road system. If they set the scene somewhere else in Bangladesh, it would’ve been more convincing. The roads are basically dirt roads in this movie where Dhaka has one of the best road systems in the Country. Dhaka doesn’t have that kinda dense jungle anywhere near the city, certainly not near the Buriganga river.

    The criminal class in Bangladesh is completely different. This isn’t Africa, people don’t employ child soldiers here. And certainly carry Ak-47 in hand and in the open.

    The Police uniform and looks are completely misjudged. They are trying to portray the elite force of Bangladesh, Known as Rapid Action Battalion. They are not regular police. The deal with counter-terrorism and similar stuff. It should’ve been the police that deals with criminal or action in the street. Police vehicles are wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, the entire movie is brilliantly shot and exceptionally action-packed. But this provides a complete misrepresentation of Bangladesh, as well as the city of Dhaka. People who don’t have an idea about Bangladesh will get a false sense for a beautiful country by the misrepresented set of this movie.”


  6. i haven’t been since 2004. i hear it’s developed a lot. the city looks way too underdeveloped to me. also, yeah, too many dirty roads, though i saw some of that. it doesn’t look lush enough either. dhaka is a wet green city.

    i noticed the accents seemed off.

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