Browncast: Ruchir Sharma, Marxian Hindutva

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In this episode we talk to Ruchir Sharma,   an international affairs and social entrepreneurship expert who also writes in some Indian publications and used a good deal of “woke” terminology in his writings and has talked of something he describes as “Modian Socialism” (as opposed to Nehruvian Socialism). Check it out. Comments welcome as usual.

PS: just to be clear, this is not the Ruchir Sharma who works in NYC in the finance “industry” and writes in various well known publications..

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I am a physician interested in obesity and insulin resistance, and in particular in the genetics and epigenetics of obesity As a blogger, I am more interested in history, Islam, India, the ideology of Pakistan, and whatever catches my fancy. My opinions can change.

6 thoughts on “Browncast: Ruchir Sharma, Marxian Hindutva”

  1. There were many factual errors in Mukunda’s contention regarding jains killed by Shaiva king and it is a clear case of false equivalence comparing with historians/chroniclers accompanied the muslim kings.
    – firstly Jains do not claim it, there are no Jain records(Jains are meticulous in recording the events related to their religion). Even today Jain mutts do not attest this view. It was only recorded in Shaivaite puranic literature of 12th century to eulogise their achievements.
    – It was not supposed to have happened in 10th or 11th century, but in 7th Century. so recorded after 600 years.
    – The count was not 12000, but 8000. In fact, it could even denote the tribe’s name எண்ணாயிரம், does not necessarily mean the actual number of Jains killed.
    – It was normal practice of scholars committing suicide, in those days, if they are defeated in debates.

    One could argue that It was in fact leftist interpretation to put Hinduism in negative light.

  2. @Omar: Why did Dhume have an outburst on twitter when you posted this link there? It just made him seem egotistical. The guest speaker was polite and chose to address issues by reason in the podcast without any name-calling.

    There appears to be an undercurrent of elitism running through the Indians involved in public-facing prestige occupations across much of the expat and OCI community.

  3. The issue with Marxian framework is that the same framework could be used against Ruchir. “He is saying that just to curry favour with the current Modi government” is a typical slander. But isn’t it valid according to Marxism?

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