The Genetics of India Cloubhouse Event – Friday 9 PM CDT

I am hosting a Clubhouse room this Friday, 9 PM CDT (8:30 AM in India on Saturday). The topic will be the genetics of India, and I’ll be talking about my two posts on Substack:

The Stark Truth About Aryans

The Stark Truth About Humans

It’s basically going to be an interactive discussion. My friend David Mittelman will help me moderate (probably others too).

You have to have a Clubhouse account (iPhone only). If you want to follow me on Clubhouse, I’m @razibkhan just like on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “The Genetics of India Cloubhouse Event – Friday 9 PM CDT”

  1. Would love to join but don’t have an iPhone. Will you do a similar session in the future for non-iPhone users?

  2. Is it possible to record this session and share it? Dont have an iphone and dont have a clubhouse invite

  3. perhaps i’ll do a livestream. my issue with recording stuff that’s extemp is it may be taken out of context more easily than written stuff

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