Bangladesh and West Bengal genetics

I got a few more samples with provenance. The Bengali Brahmins are shifte the way you would expect. The Bangladesh Kayastha (someone from a Hindu background) is in the cluster with generic Bangladeshis from Dhaka. The West Bengali Kayastha is far less East Asian. My current model right now is that the Kayasthas are basically peasants that engaged in uplift, as in general they don’t seem so genetically distinct from other Bengalis, in contrast with Brahmmins. Though Bengali Brahmins do exhibit admixture with Bengalis with East Asian ancestry, they are very different overall.

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  1. EHHH let’s go. I have more samples to email you. will do so soon. Thank you for making a post on this

  2. It is very hard to match to points on the PCA chart to the legend with this color scheme, which is necessary to make any real sense of it.

  3. To Razib,
    Turns out another dude emailled you to ask about the Rangpur sample and you mistakenly thought it was him LOL he told me on Discord.

    Very interesting.

  4. I am a Baidya of West Bengal origin (actually half Khulna-Jessore and half Hooghly-Birbhum, but my parents were both born in India), and I got my dna sequenced some time back. Is there a way I can send you my data so you can throw it in your analysis?

    1. Atisha,

      this is very interesting. So you’re a Baidya? I’m not Razib but I also have a couple but not a lot of Baidya samples. What you could do is send your raw data file that you download from whatever ancestry test site you tested from and send it to Razib at [email protected]. If you saw the post, I am the Bangladesh_Rangpur sample.

      I emailled Razib through this way, I mailled him my raw data and he plotted it in comparison with the rest of the Bengali samples. it seems like I am more “Steppe” than other Bengalis but also one of the most Eastern shifted as well, I scored 17% Asiatic on Harappaworld and like 19% on different g25 runs. I have seen Bengalis score more Asiatic than me though.

      Atisha, by any chance do you have your Harappaworld scores with you and would you mind posting them, if it isn’t too much trouble for you? I’m curious to see how it would compare to the Baidya samples I have seen on HarappaWorld. It’s this free calculator on GEDmatch where you run your raw data file through it, it’s an admixture calculator.


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