Browncast: Core Agenda and India as a Hindu State-In conversation with Arihant Pawariya.

I (Maneesh Taneja) am in conversation with Arihant Pawariya. Arihant is a senior editor with the Swarajya magazine and an influential voice in the right-wing ecosystem in India. In a freewheeling conversation, Arihant talks about the ‘Core’ agenda and how he sees the Indian state behaving were India to turn into a Hindu state.

My take away, the as positions on both sides of the ideological divide harden, the window of bringing in a Uniform Civil Code in India will close in a decade.

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Authors and books mentioned in the episode:

M. N. Srinivas:

Caste in Modern India:

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Thomas Sowell:

The Vision of Anointed:

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Ayan Rand:

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