Ceasefire alert!!

I would say that congratulations are a bit premature however Nawaz Sharif must be doing something right.

Good job sir-ji (Dr Omar may want to comment on the efficacy of the triangulation exercise whereby Mian Sahib manages to put both Captain Sahib and the Honorable Mullah on the wrong foot. He must be a very shrewd operator. Also this was kind of predicted by Prof Minai here on BP. Good show all around.)

The Pakistani Taliban has announced
that the group will observe a one-month ceasefire as part of efforts to
negotiate a peace deal with the government, throwing new life into a foundering
peace process.

Spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said in a
statement emailed to reporters on Saturday that the top leadership of the
militant group has instructed all of its units to comply with the ceasefire.

Pakistan has initiated talks with the government with sincerity and for good
purpose,” Shahid said, referring to the group by its formal name.

The leader of the government’s
negotiating team, Irfan Siddiqui, praised the ceasefire announcement while speaking
on Pakistan’s Geo Television, saying the government will review any written
document from the Taliban about it. “Today,
we are seeing a big breakthrough,” Sadiqui said.



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