Saudi worse than Modi

The act of ex-communication (of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Saudis) in its sinfulness quotient ranks even higher than genocide (of muslims). This is the considered opinion of one of the top-most ranked Ulemas in the world.

Is there any method in this madness? Is it truly the case that an insult to the faith (and the faithful) is more significant than the taking of (innocent) lives? It is indeed fortunate that we have now Thane Richard to guide us past these treacherous moral sinkholes.

As an aside, this reinforces my point about Indian muslims (only elites count in such discussions) sharing
the same world-view as their brothers in the Ummah. Now that the I-M management has taken the lead in such an emphatic fashion, the opinion makers elsewhere will surely follow.  

The king is dead, long live the Caliph (Sheikh Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi to give him a name) !!!


Describing the government of Saudi Arabia as more ‘zalim’ (cruel) than Narendra Modi, Nadwatul Ulema
in Lucknow cancelled its March 16 appointment with a delegation from
the Islamic kingdom as a mark of protest against its decision to declare
Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The institute
has compared Saudi Arabia’s move to tag Muslim Brotherhood as an act
“more cruel than the genocide of hundreds of Muslims in 2002 that was
allegedly led by then chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi”.

Official reason assigned for the cancellation of this trip was
described as a move in line with the institute’s commitment towards the
religion, community and reformative ideology. Nadwatul Ulema happens to
be one of the most renowned Islamic University in Asia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had on
March 7 designated Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as a terrorist group.
kingdom had also downgraded diplomatic ties with Qatar as a mark of
protest against their support towards MB. On Sunday, the United Arab
Emirates also lined up behind Saudi Arabia and its decision to recognize
MB as a terror outfit.

Saudi Arabia listed the 86-year-old
Brotherhood with al-Qaida and its affiliates which are categorized as
terrorist organizations and as per the Saudi Arabian law, anyone who
joins or supports these banned groups could face imprisonment ranging
from five to 30 years under the new Saudi Arabian government policy.


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