Chennai bombing suspect in custody

The suspect was held while hiding in the train (smart guys dont make mistakes like that). Naturally they will not disclose who he is and why they have booked him. But if he is truly a “person of interest” then we should expect rapid progress. There will be intense pressure to resolve this case quickly.

A woman passenger was killed and 11 others were injured, two of them
grievously, when two bombs went off on in
two coaches of the Guwahati-Bangalore Express at the Chennai Central
railway station.
….blasts took place at around 7:45 am in S-4 and S-5 sleeper coaches after
the train arrived at the platform number 9. It is believed that this was an IED bomb.
woman passenger traveling from Bangalore to Vijayawada died. She was
identified as 22-year-old Swati, who was slated to go further to Guntur.

Vijaywada is only six hours away from Chennai. Poor Swati, with her whole life ahead of her, lost her life because the train was running late (the bomb would have surely killed some other person).

First things first, we express our condolences for the victims and their families. Now for some uncharitable (but inevitable) thoughts. We are not sure what this atrocity is exactly meant to achieve. There are no sure-shot perps though suspicion will surely fall on islamists. In the middle of a highly contested election, this will probably assist the BJP. Elections are finished in Chennai/Tamil Nadu (and most of the South). Voting in coastal Andhra is scheduled for May 07. There are also many highly contested Northern seats, Varanasi being #1 amongst them.

The religious sword is a powerful and dangerous beast, difficult to place back once unleashed. Everyone has to be extra careful and the demagogues on all sides must be placed behind bars. Enough is enough.
10:43 am: 13 people have lower limb problem,1 has vascular injuries,1 brought dead: V. Sundaravalli, District Collector, Chennai.
10:35 am: A
passenger, who was traveling by the S3 coach, narrating his
experience, said, “I was awake and resting on my berth. At about 7.15
am, we heard some sound from the next coach. I came out of the coach and
saw what had happened in S4 and S5 coaches”.

10:23 am: Railway Minister Kharge assures help, offers Rs 1 lakh for kin of dead.

10:15 am:
A Special Investigation Team would probe the twin bomb blasts that
rocked the Bangalore-Guwahati Express: Tamil Nadu DGP K Ramanujam.

10:07 am: An ISI agent was arrested from Chennai two days ago.
10:05 am: Suspect was hiding inside the train for two hours after the twin explosions: Sources.
09:59 am: Tamil Nadu police nab a suspect who was hiding inside the Guwahati express: Sources.
09:58 am: Home Ministry has issued general alert to all railway stations after Chennai blasts: Sources.

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