“I abducted your girls. I will sell them”

“There is a market for
selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will
sell women. I sell women”


So says the son of Devil. This is simply devastating news (though not surprising).
We just feel blind, intense, yet helpless anger, but then again it is perhaps better (for our sanity) to direct our gaze towards the millions of injustices happening on our door-step.

The world would be a better place if these vermin were wiped out, though logically the head of the snake* is what needs to be lopped off (fat chance of that happening).
All in all, a terrible day for humanity.
* response to Asok: the Wahhabi movement based in Saudi Arabia and allied organizations worldwide preaching the gospel of hate and intolerance
Fears for the fate of more than 200 Nigerian girls turned even more
nightmarish Monday when the leader of the Islamist militant group that
kidnapped them announced plans to sell them.

“I abducted your girls. I
will sell them in the market, by Allah,” a man claiming to be Boko
Haram leader Abubakar Shekau
said in a video first obtained by Agence

“There is a market for
selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will
sell women. I sell women,” he continued, according to a CNN translation
from the local Hausa language.

Boko Haram, listed by the
United States as a terrorist organization, means “Western education is
sin.” In his nearly hourlong, rambling video, Shekau repeatedly called
for Western education to end.

“Girls, you should go and get married,” he said.

The outrageous threat
means the girls’ parents worst fears could be realized. Parents have
been avoiding speaking to the media for fear their daughters may be
singled out for reprisals.

“Wherever these girls are, we’ll get them out,” Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan vowed Sunday.

But he also criticized
the girls’ parents, saying they weren’t cooperating fully with police.
“What we request is maximum cooperation from the guardians and the
parents of these girls. Because up to this time, they have not been able
to come clearly, to give the police clear identity of the girls that
have yet to return,” he said.

According to accounts,
armed members of Boko Haram overwhelmed security guards at school last
month, pulled the girls out of bed and forced them into trucks. The
convoy of trucks then disappeared into the dense forest bordering

On Friday, Nigerian
authorities updated the number of girls kidnapped to 276. At least 53 of
the girls escaped, leaving 223 in the hands of their captors, police

Authorities said the number of missing girls could grow as police fill in spotty school enrollment records. Families had sent their
girls to the rural school in Chibok for a desperately needed education.
The northeastern town is part of Borno state, where 72% of primary-age
children never attended school, according to the U.S. Embassy in
Twelve northern states
follow Sharia law. In recent years, Boko Haram has carried out dozens of
attacks, killing hundreds of people at schools, churches, police
stations, government buildings and elsewhere. Targets include
Christians, senior Islamic figures critical of Boko Haram and people the
group believes are engaged in “un-Islamic” behavior, the U.S.
Commission on International Religious Freedom says.

Though Nigeria has
Africa’s largest economy, driven largely by oil, poverty remains
widespread: Nearly 62% of the country’s nearly 170 million people live
in extreme poverty, according to the CIA World Factbook.
That dichotomy takes
center stage this week as a World Economic Forum meeting convenes
Wednesday in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. The country “already plays a
crucial role in advancing the continent’s growth; yet it is also
emblematic of the challenges of converting natural wealth into solutions
that address persistent social challenges,” the World Economic Forum on
Africa says on its website.

The United States is
sharing intelligence with Nigeria to help in the search, according to a
U.S. official with direct knowledge of the situation. “We are sharing
intelligence that may be relevant to this situation. You are going to
see a focus on this in all three channels of government: diplomatic,
intelligence and military,” the official said, speaking on condition of
anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.
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10 years ago

Who is the "head of the snake" in your opinion?

10 years ago

I had a FB exchange about this and came up with this semi-serious comment: I think its a passing phase. Phase 1: "moderates" obtain license to rule from colonial powers and being half-educated opportunists for the most part, and with some encouragement from the CIA (whose own ignorance of such things is legendary), some of them mindlessly repeat "Islamic formulas" in designing the curriculum and ideology for their new "nations". Phase 2: In Pakistan's case, a specific CIA project to arm and train Islamic terrorists for Afghanistan, leads to dissemination of tradecraft (how to make bombs, set up secret cells, take hostages, spread terror, etc) to specially selected young morons while the magic curriculum infects PMA level "strategists" with just enough confusion to lose sight of their own future vulnerability to such nonsense. The high level of corruption and nepotism also creates resentment, pool of recruits, yadda yadda yadda. .Phase 3. Idiot ruling elite now includes haramis who actually believe in boko haram level BS. They are a small minority but the majority is has been ideologically paralyzed by their own oversmart curriculum and propaganda. BOOM BOOM BOOM…But its a passing phase. If the haramis win, its over in a few years, if they lose, its over in a few years.

10 years ago
Reply to  omarali50

Though I should add, the worst is yet to come.
And the earlier thread went like this:

Omar Ali Boko haramis are going to send all of Karen Armstrong 's diligent apologia straight to hell
13 hours ago · Like · 2

Amer: Sex slaves and trading of women was very much part of Islamic history from day one so this man is just a shining example of an Islamic tradition.
10 hrs · Like · 1

Omar Ali: But to be fair, in early Islamic history all this was very much within period norms. WTF are the haramis doing in THIS day and age?
1 hr · Like

Ahmed : Well, if the general premise of Muslims is that the Prophet’s actions and teachings are good for all times and all humanity, then it’s quite natural to descend to this level of tragic absurdity.
1 hr · Edited · Like

Omar Ali: Ahmed you said "the general premise of Muslims is that the Prophet’s actions and teachings are good for all times and all humanity" …Yaah, but you know muslims dont really mean that (except for the nutcases, retards and haramis, all of whom are in a minority). EVERYONE i know selectively borrows from the quran and even more selectively from hadith and mostly ignores both. Thats just a meaningless line people repeat because they learned to repeat it in Islamiyat class. Its not taken THAT seriously. Look around you.
1 hr · Like

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