“I accept being called a traitor”

You divide terrorists into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories to confuse the
people. I believe in unveiling your deceit.

Powerful words from a still very fragile man. Let us at least agree in wishing him full recovery even if we think that the public finger-pointing has been unhelpful.

are of two kinds. First, those who get into a deal with foreign enemies
and help enslave their own people. Syed Jafar Ali Khan aka Mir Jafar,
the chief of Sirajuddaullah’s army is one such example whose name has
managed to stay on top of our local ‘traitors’ list despite a few
centuries having gone by.


The second, or other kind of ‘traitor’ does not collaborate against
foreign powers. Instead, he raises his voice against those high and
mighty who are bent on collaborating with the foreign powers in the name
of ‘patriotism’.

Our history is brimming with this second category of traitors. At
present, a campaign has been launched to label people like myself and
some other journalists in this second category. Those who live under the
shadow of the gun not only want to label me and my organization Geo TV
as ‘traitor’ but they also want to revoke my citizenship. 

With due respect, I dare ask, what heinous crime have I committed to
deserve this tag? An assassination attempt was made on my life a few
days ago in Karachi.

I received six bullet injuries and Geo TV aired the suspicion of my
family that elements within the country’s premier intelligence ISI could
be the mastermind of that attack because I had informed my management
many times in the recent past that some ISI officials were trying to use
some extremists for silencing my voice. 

I was unconscious when my
family suspected ISI for using some extremists against me. Upon opening
my eyes, and realising that I had come out alive from the assault, I
endorsed the stand taken by my family and immediately ISI sent a
reference to the government for declaring Geo TV as a traitor. Some
banned militant outfits came out on the roads in support of ISI. These
included Hafiz Mohammad Saeed of the Lashkar-e-Toiba.
Their only purpose
is to get me, and the organization I work for, officially declared as

The men with guns have used
this label to describe Fatima Jinnah, the sister of our founding father
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, despite the fact that she played a prominent role
in the Pakistan movement.
When military dictator Ayub Khan moved to
subvert democracy, Miss Jinnah mocked the power of the men with guns.
When she fought the presidential election against the dictator, powerful
people labelled her an Indian agent and traitor.

Habib Jalib too was similarly described as a traitor simply because he
wrote poems condemning the army action in Dhaka in 1971.
The regime of
the dictator General Yahya Khan who ordered the surrender of troops in
Dhaka not only labelled him a traitor but also threw him in prison. 

Pashtun nationalist Wali Khan, Baluch Nationalists Ghaus Bux Bizenjo
and Ataullah Mengal,
even though these leaders had played a key role in
framing the Constitution of 1973 and pledged loyalty to Pakistan under
that Constitution
too were labelled as traitors.

Next, it was the turn of someone by the name of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
who gave us the constitution of 1973. His elected government was toppled
and he too was dubbed an Indian agent.
He was then falsely implicated
in a murder case and sent to the gallows. It was during the regime of
General Zia-ul-Haq, the military dictator who hanged Bhutto, that India
occupied the heights of Siachen. During this period politicians like
Benazir Bhutto, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, poets like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed
Faraz, and my father Prof Waris Mir as well as countless political
workers, journalists, poets and writers were also labelled traitors.

Dubbing a war fought for the sake of foreign interests as ‘patriotism’, 
Zia-ul-Haq, introduced the culture of the Kalashnikov, sectarianism,
linguistic and ethnic divisions and narrow provincialism in the country.
To weaken the political forces arrayed against him, Zia doled out guns
to certain religious groups, and along with the accusations of
treachery, fatwas declaring people ‘Kaafir’ too became part of the
political discourse.

When another Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif refused to bow before the power
of the gun in 1999, his government too was toppled and a case was
lodged against him for hijacking as he too was declared a traitor. 

it was the turn of Akbar Bugti to be termed as a traitor, even though he
had voted in favour of Pakistan when it was born in 1947.
For this, he
was driven in his old age to a cave deep in the hills of Baluchistan
which became his final refuge and where he was killed. his killing was
blamed on General Musharraf, a man who subverted the Constitution of
Pakistan not once but twice.

Today, I do not seek to address those who have sold their conscience
to the enemies of democracy but to address you directly. I want to tell
you that only a person like me who has suffered bullet wounds on his own
body can feel the importance of the sacrifices of our brave soldiers. I
too salute the sacrifices of our brave soldiers for the defense of the

You divide terrorists into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories to confuse the
people. I believe in unveiling your deceit.
You aim to further your
personal interests by handing over the country’s bases to foreign
powers. You allow drone strikes on your own country and term your
opportunism as patriotism. I believe such patriotism is a slur on the
name of Pakistan. I believe in peace. You want to fan a civil war. I
believe in holding my head high and speaking the truth to everyone. You
believe in stabbing people in the back.

Agreed, you are very powerful because you have guns and tanks. But I do
not want to beg you for a certificate of patriotism. If Fatima Jinnah
could be called a traitor, if Jalib, Bhutto, Faiz, Wali Khan. Mengal,
and Akbar Bugti were traitors,
I accept being called a traitor. 

Link: http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?290687

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