Sikhism & Iran’s Symbol

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I saw this in an Iran forum and was immediately intrigued but it turns out to be simply a coincidence. However it’s a nice segue to this article on the Sikhs of Iran, Iran’s Sikhs get a better deal than many other minorities.
The strong relations between India & Iran is no joke; I remember on my second trip to Tehran last year the queues to the Indian embassy for visas were literally bursting. Sadly (or not) the relationship between Pakistan & Iran seems to be a very one-way affair, Pakistani’s are more enamored and the Indo-Pak Shi’ite pilgrims in Iran don’t make the best impressions of themselves with their excessive fawning (or so I’ve heard).
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I think it started off as a symbol of the Khalsa cavalry (“goR-chaRhey”), shock troops of Sikhism like the medieval Knights Templar. Became symbolic of the Sikh religion later on. Have heard that it is (partly) inspired from the rotated ek-omkar sign in Gurmukhi – not sure how true that theory is.


A Shi’a rug trader (from North Kashmir) who visits our place regularly told me that her sister had gone to study in Iran (weird enough for Indians, as typically Iranian students study in India – my dad had a few Iranian friends in Kashmir Uni and I knew some in my time too).

Came back without completing the course as she was shocked how “immoral” Iranian women were (indoors). Skimpy clothes, rave parties, drugs, etc. And the food was too bland 😉

6 years ago

I find that Iranians love Indians and are very proud of their Aryan heritage.

Is part of the backlash against Pakistanis related to terrorism jihadi fears?

The Khalsa has great spiritual significance. It is a type of Yantra that concentrates spiritual energy. Many Hindus love praying to the Khalsa. Nanaka is much beloved by Hindus as a great spiritual master.

Butul Miah
Butul Miah
6 years ago

I should note [if not obvious from the post] that the Khalsa predates the Iranian flag. Plus it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler.

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