First they came for Babri

First they came for Babri Masjid, and I did not speak out—

Because they called it Ram Mandir.

Then they came for the Gujarati Muslims, and I did not speak out—

Because 170mn Indian Muslims shivered with fear.

Then they came for Beef and I did not speak out—

Because red meat has side effects.

Then they came for Akbar- and now it’s war!

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6 years ago

A little late to this buddy! Jats under the leadership of Raja Ram Jat used Mathura as their base to mount raids into Agra, finally succeeding in 1688, looting Akbar’s tomb, they would eventually drag Akbar’s bones out of the tomb and burn them to avenge Aurangzeb’s Hindu pogroms. As they say, Ayodhya Keval Jhaanki Hai, Kashi, Mathura Baaki Hai!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Aashish

How did I never hear about this? So Akbar’s remains do not remain?

6 years ago
Reply to  Adithya

From Wiki: To avenge the death of Gokula, Raja Ram looted Akbar’s tomb and dragged Akbar’s bones and burned them.

6 years ago

we have our own version of , first they came for pandits in kashmir, hindus in pakistan/bangladesh, yazidis in Iraq, 9/11 in new york. It would help if they stood up for others for a change in numbers large enough against their own bigots, that would be the final solution ensuring positive end of reciprocity and stay stable there rather than go down the negative end.

6 years ago

The Shia, Sunni, Hindu leaders have long wanted to resolve Ayodhya and came close many times. It is the post modernists who don’t want the Ayodhya resolved and have tried to exacerbate tensions:

It is interesting that most people who discuss Ayodhya know almost nothing about it. Why?

There is no place in the world over the last 1400 years that has done more to protect twelvers, Ishmaelis, Ahmedis and Sufis than South Asia. South Asian Hindus built the world’s first mosque during the life time of Mohammed in Kerela, and later gave refuge to the family of the prophet. Some twelvers would say that in no country have Shiites been freer to practice and publicly discuss their faith than in south Asia.

There is no place in the world where Sunnis and Shiites get along better (in large numbers) than in Bharat. This is something that all peoples with South Asian heritage should be deeply proud of.

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