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With growth of china and rise in technology, I would be very interested in thoughts of people as to how they are all connected to each other.And how do they see the future . over 20-50 yrs, over 50-100 yrs, over 100-150 yrs. what new ideological forces will come to be , etc.

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6 years ago

Bharata, this article describes how technology is affecting freedom, truth, democracy and development:

6 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

AnAn: Sorry for an unsolicited and somewhat harsh advice. First, I think Hindus bring up a lot of humiliation upon themselves by incontinent talk (which projects a great deal of strategic weakness, by the way). Someone just asked you elsewhere to keep Sanatana Dharma off the discussion, and you responded saying that Sanatana Dharma was relevant to the content of the post, premising yourself on priors that the said person obviously disagrees with. Second, a dialogue is possible only with a modicum, however tiny a sliver, of respect; if someone’s tone *consistently* exudes contempt, perhaps you should take a hint that a meaningful dialogue may not be possible. Instead you seem to respond by ramping up your efforts to capture the person’s interest. Third, please read this (especially the topmost one):

I apologize for being harsh, but that should also be viewed as a sign of respect that I consider you to be of above average openness to criticism. (and apologies to the Bharat and the blog owners for the digression).

6 years ago
Reply to  froginthewell

froginthewell, nothing in your comment is harsh. In retrospect you make a great point.


Bharata, it is interesting that eastern ideas (such as freedom and truth) are being promoted by thought leaders around the world.

The article on neoliberalism describes how modern technology is providing scientific evidence for insights that are thousands of years old. Are you familiar with the word “Siddhi”? Technology is increasing the freedom and Siddhis of people.

The human species is becoming superhuman. This is something the east has known about for a very long time. A decision was made not to make humans superhuman for a variety of reasons.

Do you think humans should become superhuman?

bharata bharatavanshi
bharata bharatavanshi
6 years ago

I think the real difference will begin with 120 yrs from now or since the beginning of brain computer interface technology or genetic engineering, from that point on we are on a trajectory of becoming a different species. A new species is about to be born. But until then, which will be course of our lifetime , we are going to worry about our present petty concerns.

These concerns will bother us and might even destroy the future for almost all people if not well handled.Intelligence will force others to adapt.

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