Rajneesh and Sheela Ambalal Patel,

Any thoughts on Wild Wild Country, the new Netflix documentary series about the Rajneeshees cult (also sometimes called sannyasins) who spent four years living in the Oregon countryside in the early 1980s?
Ma Anand Sheela

There’s Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a spiritual guru. There are the followers themselves, most of them white, middle class, and college educated. But the actual villain and most compelling character of this story is a refreshing surprise. It’s Bhagwan’s right hand, his personal secretary who eventually showed how far a person granted an absurd amount of power will go to keep it. Here’s everything you need to know about the fearless (and ruthless) Ma Anand Sheela.

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  1. Saw this 6 episode mini-series. My only critique is that they didn’t describe Osho or what Osho said. If they added this thirteen minute audio to “Wild Wild Country”, it would greatly enhance the production:
    Kabir, can you listen to this? This is an excellent summary of Arya culture (or eastern philosophy or Sanathana Dharma, Indic civilization or whatever other phrase someone prefers). This is where Ferdinand de Saussure, structuralists and post modernist drew inspiration; although I believed they lacked the intuitive intelligence to understand their own theories.

    I would be very curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this thirteen minute video. Not that it is original. People have been saying the same or similar things again and again for many thousands of years.

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