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This is the second article in the series of the Intellectual Dark Web, and adds the respected, honorable, wise Russell Brand to the echelons of the Intellectual Dark Web. Please soak in the wisdom of this shared teaching and conversation of Acharya Russell Brand and Acharya Jordan Peterson:

This is their second conversation. Their previous conversation three months ago was equally profound:

Which in turn built upon Russell Brand’s conversation with Sam Harris:

Farhan Quereshi (himself a leader of the Intellectual Dark Web) called this the conversation between the Buddhist Sam Harris and the Hindu Russell Brand. I would suggest that anyone interested in the deeper essences, shared wisdom and subtle nuanced symphony between Sanathana Dharma and stream of Sanathana Dharma called Buddhism watch this conversion. But this article will focus on Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand.

Their conversation encapsulates why I have always deeply loved conservatives and leftists. Conservatives run things. Leftists invent things. Russell Brand calls it thesis, antithesis, synthesis; the interplay of opposites. The route to reducing inequality does not flow through not recognizing difference.

Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson describe the power of self transformation to change and improve the world; and how activism to improve the world has to be connected to an activist’s self transformation to improve themselves. Please watch the top most video from 1 hour 22 minutes in. Listen to the story of how Babylonian kings once a year left their domain to walk in the desert. All imperial garbs and paraphernalia was removed from the Babylonian king and he was no longer emperor. He kneeled down. He was humiliated. A priest smacked him with a glove. And he was asked to name all the ways he had not embodied Marduk , the Babylonian God who takes on chaos (also associated with Jupiter, Brihaspati, Thor, Zeus {Zeus is a Vedic Samhita God who incarnated as Bhishma in the Mahabharata}). The emperor would confess all his imperfections and failures; after which they would symbolically act out the recreation of the cosmos. The emperor would be re-crowned and would try to be a good king for another year. May we all bow before the glory of ancient Iraq.

The ancients (Arya, Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Chinese) were wise beyond description in eons long gone. May we be humble in their memory and greatness and learn from them still. Wise are the पितृ (Pithrs or ancestors).

Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson speak of the challenges of keeping meritocratic hierarchies meritocratic. Of resisting power and nepotism corrupting meritocratic hierarchies of competence and capacity.

Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson discuss their new books and how to fight addiction. Russell Brand speak of the connection between cosmology, fleeting morality, chaos, vastness and patterns (female, male, love, beauty). When these are in alignment, in tune, in harmony, melody . . . grace comes. Jordan Peterson says that we are after the pattern that is composed of all those patterns. Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson agree that the acknowledgement of difference (guna or quality in Sanskrit) does not mean inferiority. In Sanskrit seeing things as they are is Pratyaksha. In Muraqabah Islam this starts with Shuhuud, which deepens into Fath.

This is Arya culture, this is Sanathana Dharma, this is the sweetness and greatness of the east. Russell Brand is an exemplar of Sanathana Dharma, or Hinduism as some describe it. Russell, we are glad you have honored us by joining our ancient Sanathana Dharma family. We love you!

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6 years ago

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis are terms that are copyrighted by Karl Marx. They actually mean something. So if you want to know what they really mean as opposed to what these hacks think they mean, you need to go back and actually read the Great Man himself. You can read Das Kapital in a good English translation.

You can hate Marx all you like. You are entitled to that. But he was an actual philosopher in the European tradition as opposed to these people who are selling god knows what.

6 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

I have no idea who Russell Brand is, just like you have no idea who Fawad Khan is. How can you not fall in love with Fawad 🙂


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