Great job to India

I’m of the belief that Leadership drives everything. There is of course historical trends because of geography and deep-set cultural patterns however organisational and national success is often reliant on getting the best to the top.

At the end of Ancien Regime in Europe it was the mixed monarchy of the Hanoverians and the sustained + inspired leadership of the Prussians that really set the stage for Europe’s turbulent centuries ahead.

While Spain & Austria under the Hapsburg tottered on; the French under their Sun King eventually exhausted themselves into 2 centuries of Revolutions and Republics.

To tie it back into this piece; having inspirational school principals can obviously lift results. Also this program happens to be run by Isha Ambanis father-in-law so this could probably be a puff piece.

I do think that for India; Modi seems to be the best leader. Celibate, non-dynastic and ruthlessly focussed on the future of the country. I don’t like the man on a personal level but I respect him on a professional one.

I hold the inverse to be true for Imran Khan. I find him amusing and I’m sure he would be a charming dinner guest but I don’t think he has the ability to really lead Pakistan out of these choppy waters.

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  1. This sounds very promising. I believe we need to improve the reach and quality of mass education in India on an emergency/war footing. Otherwise all initiatives in all other spheres of economic growth and job creation will be for nought.

  2. I think Frederick the Great (another possibly celibate genius, focused on his country’s future) had something to do with the rise of Prussia, but a lot of the reforms that made Prussia the power it became happened in the wake of the Napoleonic invasions. Not just the invasions, but the institution of the Napoleonic Code wherever his conquests extended marked inflection points in those countries’ fortunes’ (both Spain and Italy reformed in the wake of those conquests, just like Prussia.)

  3. One of the things which surprised me that there are women fighter pilots in Pakistan. Even though i feel its largely symbolic it matters that its probably the few armies around the world which allow that. Than i came across something similar even though at a very initial level yesterday about India. India allowing girls into “Army” schools

    1. Saurav this is old news. And it is not surprising at all. Hindustanis have been femnists for many millenia. Even muslim Hindustanis [in case you are reading Kabir . . . I mean Hindu muslims where Hindu is a geographic marker] have Shakti power!
      When Islam came to Hindustan, Hindustani muslim converts brought girl power into Islam. Remember the lioness of Bharat Razia?:

      What can I say . . . Bharatiya Hindustani SAARC South Asian woman are the envy of the world. Woman power!

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