Enough with the dog-whistling

A short post but I’m astonished by the constant racism we are seeing, especially from the relatives of the “First Family” of Pakistan..

As Asia continues her inevitable rise it won’t be long before us Orientals, of all hues, migrate back “home.”

What is shocking in the UK is the extent to which the white chattering classes are so oblivious to the rise of the “Asian Model Minority” as is happening in North America.

There is a very big reason and that’s because the two great Universities in the UK remain lily-white. Just as in the Ivy Leagues the mystical admissions process is designed to replicate a power structure completely at odds with the demographics of modern Britain..

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5 years ago

I am pro migration into west, for long they have allied with saudis, and islamist extremists because they dont have any skin in the game. Once they do have similar % wise to say India has, both in US and europe. Many problems will get sorted out because they need to sort it out for themselves.

5 years ago

Is it Zac’s brother?

5 years ago

Ivy Leagues are actually working to keep their demographics more in line with the demographic reality, at least in terms of race. Asians are already massively overrepresented there. When you take limits off, they become even more ridiculously overrepresented (as in the UC system).

I think Asians are an improvement over WASPs, but ideally the demographics of our ruling elite would not dominated by one relatively small minority group.

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