How nice it is to have a brown slave girl.

I am going to write a short but important post about silent racism. This is the picture on Twitter about the “Piers Morgan revenge.”

  • Nish Kumar has made waves in Britain because he talks about unconscious bias. Don’t call him Patel constantly. My name is Nish Kumar – so please stop calling me Nish Patel
  • This has happened to me in the climbing club; I was mistaken for the only other Pakistani in it even though we looked totally different.
  • After my Gandhi in the train moment last week I have realised the need for integrated coloreds to start speaking up and sharing their experiences.
  • This not about moaning and whining as model minorities are trained not to do (especially in Britain- I can’t speak for trans-Atlantic brethren).
  • There are two groups of coloreds in Britain; the Dharmic and Abrahamics. The Abrahamic colored population (Muslims) overdose on picking out injustices and have a penchant to fight the wrong battle (hijab is not a sign of feminism). The Dharmic minorities (Chinese, Hindu & Sikh) are only looking at getting on top of the economic pole. Both have taken extreme position in getting ahead.
  • Now back to the picture on top. The gag is that Piers Morgan (a local British provocateur) tends to overrun and interrupt the local news channels so each of them made a gag about it.
  • I’ve put the Moment thread after the jump but the only one to feature a coloured presenter is the one where she is shaving a white man. The rest of is white women (the only white men are Piers and the shaved chap).
  • Now people might be saying that Zach you are simply over-reacting but this is what my Gandhi on the train moment taught me that no matter how posh, educated or rich one becomes there is a silent racism that weaves our society.
  • The two are “co-presenters” why wasn’t it shown him doing her hair as an example..
  • Now it’s not obvious nor is it all that pernicious but it is invisible because now people don’t say Paki anymore (I’ve never been called a Paki fwiw) but they think it. I’m not Orwellian, I’m not interested in people’s thoughts except inasmuch as it affects my life and then only then will I call it out.
  • The reason I’m sympathetic to the right is that they at least vocalise their pride and racism so it’s actually much healthier to have a conversation with them. It’s the left that internalises it and then time & time again they need white male saviours to bind them together (Beto O’Rouke, Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau).
  • In an increasingly multi-polar world the West needs the goodwill of its colored minorities to increasingly act as bridges to the rising civilisations of the East (India & China).
  • Why do I applaud Priyanka Chopra (and I approve of all the 4 celebrity weddings in Bollywood this year except S. Kapoor’s frankly she could have done better but she’s simply too nice). but condemn the picture above? That’s because Priyanka has gamed the system by marrying a famous Hollywood star 10 years her junior. But I still note that it was the blonde blue-eyed Sophie Turner who captured the headlines because she danced the bhangra and wore an Indian suit.

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  1. “the West needs the goodwill of its colored minorities”; well that would certainly be very helpful.

    But reciprocally, surely, the coloured minorities in the West need the goodwill of the white – or should I say less-coloured – majorities. Which they are not always trying to get.

  2. Zack

    I like your characterization of the non whites of UK into Abrahamics and Dharmics. In #teamabrahamics you should also include the blacks/black-biracials along with the Bradford Mirpuris just like you’ve included the Chinese in #teamdharma.

    It is kind of obvious why the politics plays out the way it does. A black Abrahamic plays the consistent role of the ever-wronged lowest caste in Abrahamic caste system. In this the brown that’s been stripped from his Dharmic root into Abrahamism is at best going to find his place in the totem pole between the white top and black bottom.

    The brown Dharmic is on the other hand fighting to live in and recreate his own system whereby he himself is on top, hence no politics of victimhood. He’s just getting what he can, knowing everything’s a fight but he’s not “entitled” to anything.

    I honestly feel Bahais don’t belong with #teamabrahamics. Your religion does not say “my way or highway”, your biggest population is in India, your grandest place of worship is India, personally your wife is Hindu. I’d jump ship from this explicit tie up with #teamabrahamics and their natural position of victimhood and just join up in #teamdharma. I understand the Bahais retain the Quran, but fundamentally you guys are not Muslim/Abrahamic at all. Sikhs and majority Hindus respect Islam as a spiritual tariqa but we are firmly as far as identity goes #teamdharma. In this day and age of Hindutva, most Hindus have moved past Muslims as a ship we cannot steer alongside. Bahais should do the same. It cannot be good for one’s spiritual well being to rot in the unsalvageable course charted by the #teamabrahamics

    1. We (Bahais) are super-Abrahamic; it is a bit insulting to build a Lotus Temple in the form of the Taj / Sydney Opera house.

      Why not gird our Lotus Temple with a Shiva Lingam?

      1. Pretty sure Hindus had nothing to do with the architecture selection of the Lotus temple and it was all done under oversight from headquarters at Haifa.

        Yep just checked via Wikideva, architect is an Iranian Bahai Fariborz Sahba, funding by a Pakistani Bahai Ardeshir Rustampur.

  3. You may be primed to notice this kind of thing, but I think you’ve got a false positive here.

    It’s much easier for a woman to shave a man than for a man to do a woman’s hair. That might be all of it. Also, people might perceive it as creepy/weird if it’s a man acting on a woman co-worker. If the girl happens to be Indian and the man happens to be white, are they just not supposed to do the segment?

  4. “The Dharmic minorities (Chinese”

    Bro, Chinese are not of the Dhamma? Tibet, anyone??

    Certainly neither brown! Theres a pt where brown stops and yellow begins.

  5. Priyanka chopra converted to catholicism i think and had a white western style christian wedding. There is no pride in it. Will she teach her kids hindi? Raise them in her parents religion? Is this not western patriarchy?

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