Remembering the Birangonas; the female Freedom Fighters/Victims

I thought this was an important post to share and reflect on.

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5 years ago

Indeed tragic, but this Birangona designation is similar to Gandhi’s Harijan (children of God) label. Subcontinent society is too harsh/petty to let these things just go over.

Another thing I always found noteworthy is Bangladesh’s war of independence lasting 9 months like a pregnancy. Maybe Indira waited till the 9th month to step in so that Bengali poets can have the 9 month metaphor to work with lol.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bharotshontan

Indira waited until the Chinese Army redeployed to fight the Chinese civil war of 1971. Then Indira saw a brief window of opportunity and took it.

As soon as Indira attacked Bangladesh the Chinese civil war ended and China redeployed her forces to deal with the “big bad” . . . India. Fortunately for India the USSR also redeployed her forces to the Chinese border and raised her military to the highest possible alert status.

China then redeployed her forces to both the USSR and Indian borders and prepped for all out nuclear war.

One day before the planned Chinese invasion of India, the Pakistani Army surrendered in Bangladesh. Indira won in the brink of time.

5 years ago

I am glad Bangladesh is finding itself a stronger nation now, with the prosecution and execution of jihadi collaborators of Pakistan army who went a killing binge of intellectuals. Better late than never.

Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer
5 years ago

“The systematic campaign of this kind of genocidal rape was spearheaded by certain West Pakistani religious leaders who issued fatwas which categorised Bengali women as ‘gonimoter maal’ (war booty) in a convoluted attempt to give their barbaric war strategy an aura of religious legitimacy.”

As always, needless victim bashing! Pious religious leaders and angel faced mujahideen are always the soft target for islamophobes. It is a fact that rape of women of enemy combatants is legal in all orthodox schools of Islam, and it is even a religious obligation. A muslim soldier refusing to rape enemy women will be consider murtad, and as such will be subject to execution. I can provide copious references from Sunnah and Hadeez, but will spare you the labor. Just trust me on this.

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