This Zach is an ass

The implication being that Zach G’s girlfriend is some fresh off the boat immigrant who just can’t wait to watch Bollywood movies simply plays to cultural tropes and Orientalist erotic fantasies..

Anyone who knows India, Indians or Indian women for that would realise just how switched on they are to the discourse.

Especially the sort of girl who would be “Western” enough to have a white boyfriend but Desi that she’s confused by the discourse around her and only interested in Bollywood films. I smell much bullshit here.

She would do better to leave him as soon as possible. I’m sure she can do much better.

I actually liked the micro-aggressive video that Zach G was complaining about. It seems he could learn a thing or two about it and remember when they go micro we go macro 🙂

Be like Pri; here is my favourite couple of 2018

This is also amazing:

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Razib Khan
5 years ago

U seem irritated by a generalization but respond in kind.

Tbh i think brown guys should not comment on who brown women date & what that means. Bad history of that

Razib Khan
5 years ago
Reply to  Razib Khan

& to be clear, we share values about how women are not ‘owned’ by an extended kin group or whatever. i am aware some readers have different views….

5 years ago



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