White Hepthalites?


This is a parody account, which has been started by that blonde twitter account (I can’t recall her name).

However what I find interesting is treating the Hepthalites as “white.” There is a strain in Anglo-Saxon civilisation to absorb other heritages into their own. Furthermore as a shadow of the Western hegemony, “whiteness” is a trait often bestowed (the Aryans are treated as a white people).

I understand that there are many nuances but as the Devil Wears Prada teaches us, subtleties in the elite level trickle all the way down into the popular one.

The average Persian or India has a continuous link to their ancient by way of geography, history or ethnicity. What link does the average WASP really have to Alexander the Great; except a sentiment that they belong to the same “civilisation.” Constantly absorbing the winners of history into a mythos is what led to disasters like the film 300. The last traces of colonisation is economic & psychological; you still have to perceive another civilisation as superior to be able to buy into their lifestyle.

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  1. My favorite story is actually on White Hepthalites, on how it closely mirrors today’s politics in India.

    In 5th century AD there was this really old super power in N-India , the Guptas (Congress party) which had ruled India for the most part but now was lead by a diffident Emperor Baladitya(Rahul Gandhi). He had different inclinations than ruling , it also did not help that he was secretly a Buddhist(Rahul Gandhi meme being the whole psudeo Hindu and really a muslim), ruling over a Hindu Empire

    Enters the Hindu Warrior , the real Shiv Bhakt(who minted coins in name of Shiva) , White Hun king Mihirakula ( Modi) , he win victories after victories, region after region in N-India. The tormentors of Buddhist (Muslim in today’s India). So much so that the chinese buddhist monk Xuanzang wrote that Balditya controlled only his capital and the Huns ran amok through out N-India.

    Desperate , the Gupta emperor rolled the dice one last time. He build up a Alliance (Mahagathbandhan) of all his subordinate kIngs, effectively giving them freedom(and more power). And only that alliance could overwhelm the Hunnic King.

    Balditya had won the war but at what cost? He lost his empire and the Guptas were forever now restricted to their own holdings in Bihar. And became extinct not long after that, never to become the power they once were. Perhaps their lies a lesson for today’s Congress party 😛

  2. These are only a visibly peaks of falsified Euro history iceberg. I keep repeating this because, you can see, even such ancient history dictates contemporary behavior and self-proclaimed exceptionalism without any foundations. These guys are random, but the sentiment is widespread. If you say the truth about something you are faced with unbelievable degree of hatred. Because, the ‘West’ and various convertites (Croats, Bosniacs, etc) so strongly hate Serbs, because they are historical witnesses of their lies and hypocrisy. Because they permanently conduct media satanization, bombing campaign and genocides.

    What these guys have with Alexander and who authorized them to represent the white race? Alexander for e.g. belonged to the same group as Celts, upon whom they conducted multiple genocides and destructions of their culture. Why that guy did not mention starvation and killing of 85 million Indians during the English rule. What about natives in N.America, Australia, Vietnam and many other places?

    Because I also always keep reiterating that for e.g. WASPs languages don’t have anything with Sanskrit (and that the term ‘Indo-European’ is idiotic) simply because there are several thousands of years distance. Their only link is through the Serbian language. Another interesting consequence is that such Wasp behavior (hypocrisy, hatred) is by inertion (read – stupidity) accepted by some people worldwide which don’t have anything with them. We could see this here as well through the reactions on for e.g. citing the facts about this same Alexander or presenting the real facts about Balkan conflicts where these brainless individuals repeat Wasp’s media propaganda as their own facts.

  3. Interesting tidbit- ancient Greeks considered the Persians as the “White” people compared to themselves. The reason was that the most Persians they encountered were usually the soldiers from the tribes of Caucasus mountains, and were rather fair in complexion. On the other hand Greek themselves were quite sun-tanned, coming from the beach communities of Mediterranean sea. So western civilization has not always thought of themselves as White.

      1. For a quick check you can find it on Wikipedia, whatever its reliability might be.


        “Later Xenophanes of Colophon described the Aethiopians as black and the Persian troops as white compared to the sun-tanned skin of Greek troops.”

        I have read it elsewhere too, I believe in the context of the encounters between Greeks and Persians during the height of Achaemenid empire. I will post more definite references when I find them.

        1. Just a small addition. ‘Sun-tanned’ Greeks from Mediterranean did not have their own word for the Sea, they adopted a word from indigenous Serbs. They actually came to Med islands from the dry land after their (and Jewish and Serbian) expulsion from Egypt. Speaking about Alexander – official history says about one of the most important battles in history when Greeks (i.e. Alexander) defeated Persians on the river Granicus (Asia Minor) 334BC what opened him a path to SA.

          The fact is that in Alexander’s army fought Serbs and that more of the half of Persian army consisted of Greeks who provided the strongest resistance. Even wiki mentions some of this. Granicus is a Serbian word (=border), the river is close to the city of Troy where Serbs lived.

  4. It’s interesting to see that when you say, “whiteness is bestowed upon”. Didn’t you guys recently talk about “Should Asians be considered white in America?”

  5. Hepthalities or Sveta Huna are translated as White Huns. Actually ‘Sveta’ is a Serbian word meaning – sacred, saint, holy or more likely in this context – bright, light (from svetlo=light). It does not it mean White as wiki says. White is Bel or Beo (e.g. Beograd=Belgrade=white city).

    Baluchistan (=place where Balochi live) got its name from the name of the tribe Belici (=Whites) who came to SA with the first Aryan leader Bel (or Belus or Belov or Nimrod from the Bible), the founder of Babylon. It is interesting that the Nezak Huns (i.e. Hepthalities) kings, had characteristic gold bull’s-head crown so as Belus who was considered as deity symbolized with Bull, i.e. Bak, i.e Dionysus, i.e Bacchus. From the Serbian name, Bak, the city of Baghdad got its name so as ancient city Nineveh in Iraq dedicated to him by the second Aryan leader, 600 years after him.

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