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  1. Heaviest period of shelling occured yesterday between Pak and India. Both sides downplaying casualties (mostly civilian), but its been calm today.

    Insurgency in Indian Kashmir ongoing, between 4-12 Indian soldiers killed in last 24 hours.

    General Updates:
    – Confirmed via satellite analysis that Indian strikes hit wooded area, no casualties.
    – 50/50 on whether second jet shot down following Pak strikes was Indian or Pak. No good evidence either way.

    1. I think it will be calmer going forward, considering (from the Indian side at least)anything now is too close to Indian elections. Even looking at more cynically the Indian Govt cannot simultaneously handle both defense affairs as well as electioneering. This is perhaps one of the most bare knuckle, fight to finish type of elections in recent years, where either side doesn’t have any momentum going for them, so both sides need as much time for electioneering as possible.

  2. Let’s talk about psychology and mind sciences in Indian sub-continent? Where did we start, historical perspective and where are we now? I am a machine learning PhD student who happens to use brain inspired algorithms. My perspective is that what you see today is NOT AI but it’s automation 2.0. I don’t think we’re anywhere near figuring out how brain works( Prove me wrong. It’s our brain rite? Let’s ask ourselves, lol).

  3. Anyone have insight into these practices where women and child brides (men from gulf states) is common.


    Its just not Arabs, happens within India because of less women to men ratio.

    Shabnam is now pregnant with her ninth child. She lives in her fourth husband’s house. “He won’t keep me for very long. As soon as I give birth to a boy, he will sell me off,” she said, nonchalantly.

    In the world of Haryana, where the female population is dwindling, Shabnam is known as ‘Paro’. She was bought from Assam for Rs 30,000 to ensure 40-year-old Rahim’s ‘dynasty’ doesn’t end. After she gave birth to a girl, Rahim decided he didn’t want her. So he sold her off to another villager. Shabnam has been sold four times.



  4. Imran Khan’s speech Thursday in the Pakistan Parliament referred to Tipu Sultan and Bahadur Shah Zafar. Interestingly, Imran Khan cited Tipu Sultan as his idol.

    Tipu Sultan has been on the fringes of the whole Hindu-Muslim debate up until the last decade or so. In the first few decades of independent India, Tipu was regarded with a fair bit of admiration given that he went down fighting to the British.

    Tipu and his father Hyder Ali were remarkable figures from the 1700’s in South Asia, a time of great turbulence as the Mughal Empire continued its decline, the Marathas tried to expand out of their traditional homeland but failed to unite as a people and were unable to create the alliances needed to rule over a diverse subcontinent. All this while the British consolidated power and went fro strength to strength in taking on and eventually besting every other contender for power in South Asia.

    Both Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan were innovators in the military sphere and they introduced the first rocket battalions ever in South Asia. They had a healthy skepticism of European powers of all ilks, but preferred to deal with French advisors because the French were opposed to the British East India Company (EIC). However, both Hyder and Tipu were constantly at war with the Marathas and various principalities of the Malabar and Coromandel coasts, and only occasionally allied with the other Muslim power in the Deccan – the Nizam of Hyderabad.

    Tipu’s inability to find accommodation with other powers of the Deccan – especially teh Marathas – put an end to his dreams of empire. Tipu was eventually killed by EIC forces.

    Hyder and Tipu were unique in reaching out to Persia, the Ottomans, and the French, in an attempt to find external sources of technical and military equipment and training. They also attempted to form a navy, however this was a very small affair unlike the powerful coastal navy that the Marathas built out under Shivaji and some of his successors.

    Tipu’s economic policies led to a revival of manufacturing and textiles. Mysore was reputed to be economically very successful under Tipu’s rule. I have found this hard to reconcile since there was so much turbulence in Mysore throughout his rule.

    Would be interesting to find out why Tipu happens to be Imran’s idol…..

  5. DONALD Tramp informed the US Congress that Turkey and India were deprived of trade benefits within the framework of the US General Preferences System. As soon as this decision enters into force, Turkish goods for which benefits have been granted so far, will be tariffed under “standard conditions” upon importation into the United States.

    The same applies to Indian goods.
    In August 2018, Tramp approved the lifting of customs duties on Turkish steel and aluminum. Then it was announced in Washington that the “review of trade facilitation for Turkey” would follow.

    Ankara then ordered Washington to not achieve its goals by “pressurising by sanctions”. The US President explained that Turkey had US preferences for 40 years, and that they were no longer needed because it developed and strengthened economically during that time.

    He told India that she could not guarantee that US goods would have ‘equal guaranteed access to its market’. For the past year, there is no complete data, but India exported goods worth US $ 5.6 billion to the US without customs duties in 2017, and Turkey – $ 1.66 billion.

    And in the case of India, this punishment followed the military cooperation between New Delhi and Russia. India also buys Russian rocket systems and planes, and has just started its production of Kalashnikovs.

    1. Milan, check with your friends and acquintances associated with the Washington establishment.

      You are seriously overthinking this.

      There is no grand strategy or master plan. This is Trump trying to “WIN” on trade. Don’t expect logic

  6. Man this whole llhan Omar anti Semitic controversy really shows the power of the jewish folks. Never thought anyone can out-woke immigrant-black-Hijab-woman , but the jewish people really showed her, her place. Even the (non-jewish) folks writing in her support , are tiptoing around the issue, lest they themselves are not called out as anti semetic. LOL

    1. Saurav, should we do a poll on Ilhan Omar at BP?

      She might really be anti Jewish. But she might also be very stupid. Not sure which is true.

      She support BDS (which supports a one state solution to Israel Palestine) knowing what a one state solution will mean for LBGTQ people and females and minority/liberal muslims and Christians in Israel and Palestine. Is it too much to ask her why?

  7. Last week Zack was mourning the death of the citizenship bill. As I said there need not be any bills since the power has now already been transferred to local authorities in north india ( bjp core areas)


    Now the only folks who are left out are Bengalis I don’t see the bill again coming up since Bengali as well as North east folks don’t want the bill to be passed. Win – win for bjp

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