Namma EN

The Beginning

2002, September 19

At the coffee pot , a dear friend asked me why I haven’t bought a car.

His following questions were

Do you not have money ?

I said I do have some savings

Do you not know the car you want to buy ?

I said of course I do for a long while

Do you not know the colour you want to buy ?

I said there is only one colour I want


Just haven’t thought about it since I have been traveling all the while

OK , which car ? Which colour , How much many do you have now ? Any birthdays coming up

The next few calls from the friend to the a few banks for the loan sanction .. On the call he negotiated the rate

He called the the car showrooms and said whoever delivers day after tomm will get the deal

September 20th

Morning : Was instructed to go pay 10000 advance on the way to work for the car

Did you get your check book ? Yes .

The Loan guy from ICICI came and got a 1000 signatures and 36 cheque leaves post dated signed . The friend told him by evening the loan has to sanctioned and paid to the dealer

September 21st

Morning : calls to everyone , ensured this beauty was ready to be driven that evening after work. Only 1 problem … Who will drive it ? I had driven only a few times and that too an automatic ..Again he came and drove this wonderful pride possession home . A White Maruti Zen ..Was this an impuslive buy ?


” Baharon Phool Barsao”

We celebrate a common birthday me and my Zen . Rishi was in love as a small fella and continues to be in love with it that a very very long time ago he refused to exchange it for a Merc my uncle offered .

The later Zen’s never caught my fancy

He called it the EN ( namma EN) when he was 3 or so ,since the letter Z has fallen off ..

The zEN’D .

Rishi’s  impression of the Zen at a GP …


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