Indians are just as stupid as Americans

You people. You people….

I specifically avoid using the term “secular” because I long ago learned what that means to Indians (just like we all know what “family values” meant in the 1990s in America).

(also, this idiot follows me on Twitter…at least as of when I posted this)

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  1. I don’t understand Vikram K. Chattejee’s comment.

    “self-righteous white saviors defending the faith.”

  2. We Indians take no responsibility of fuck ups by Bengalis 😛

    This is something which you both can settle over ilish mach

  3. Leftism assumes that all people are equal and, using the ideology of egalitarianism to make them all-reality denying, achieves the result of equal stupidity quite handily.

  4. I submit that Americans are indeed more stupid than Indians.

    I remember in the wake of 9/11, American hate criminals murdered many Sikhs in the mistaken belief that they were Muslims. While the hate crimes are despicable as it is, to kill unintended people when overtaken by hatred is mindbogglingly stupid.

    Indians kill each other in hate too. But even in the frenzy of the Hindu-Muslim riots, the victims are stripped off their pants and killed only after a positive confirmation. It is a matter of life and death after all.

    1. @Scorpion Eater
      This was almost 20 years ago so I may be wrong, but as far as I can recall, only one Sikh was killed and a couple others were attacked. To say “American hate criminals murdered many Sikhs” is just wrong, although even one murder is despicable enough.

      1. Wisconsin gurudwara shooting itself killed 6 sikhs.

        Also, I remember in the bar shooting in Kansas where an Indian software engineer was killed, the killer boasted he had killed an “Iranian”

      2. The murderer of the Sikh man was caught, prosecuted and sentenced. In a few months That’s efficient justice which India can emulate.

  5. Basically I am saying that mistaken identity hate crimes are common in America. I am finding it hard to recall even one such attack in India.

    1. Here’s at least one:

      I’m sure you’ll find dozens more if you go digging around the vernacular press, which tend to have much more factual (and graphic) reporting at a much finer geographic resolution.

      This being India, however, you could immediately pose the counterfactual that indeed, it could be a lot worse. Indians benefit from having a lot of shibboleths that can distinguish religious communities apart. During communal riots in Mumbai for instance: whether your ears are pierced, whether your circumcised (yes, Shiv Sainiks have been known to pull down pants), whether you can recite om jai jagdish hare etc…

    2. Seriously? I do not know how mistaken identity hate crime is diferent from hate crimes in general, but Indian hate crimes are not negligible.

      Hate crimes in India are grouped under “Communal” which would make you think it is religious based, but it is primarily against dalits, followed by Muslims. Once again, the upper class/caste bend of the commenters of the website makes the two hate crimes against Indians in US more important than all the hate crimes in India.

      A similar comment regarding Terrorism. The terrorism-related attacks and deaths ( have greatly reduced in India, but from this and other websites you will not realize that. In sharp contrast, vehicular deaths and air pollution-related deaths have increased substantially and orders of magnitude higher,

  6. Vijay, American “hate crime” data tabulated by the FBI is highly suspect. Many economists think so, but are afraid to write about it.

    Sam Harris and many IDWs openly discuss this.

    Similarly Indian hate crime statistics are highly suspect.

    I suspect that many crimes categorized as “hate crimes” by post modernists/cultural marxists in official government agencies are likely not best characterized as “hate crimes”. The primary motives for said crimes are likely other things (jealousy, anger, avarice, attachment etc.)

    I don’t know about India, but I know that in America many actual hate crimes are not tabulated as such for politically correct reasons. For examples almost all violent crimes against ethnic Asians in America are perpetrated by non Asians. But these crimes are almost never categorized as hate crimes. [By contrast 80% of violent crime against {caucasians plus latinos} is perpetrated by other {Latinos plus caucasions). 94% of all black african American homicides are committed by other African Americans.]

    Statistically Jewish Americans are far more likely to be subject to hate crimes than any other group (wrote about this on BP). These are authentically hate crimes.


    Vijay how much crime against OBCs, SCs and STs are actual hate crimes versus crimes motivated by other factors?

    Generally India has a lower rate of rape and molestation than America [which has an astronomically high violent crime rate.]. What percent of rapes and molestations of OBCs, SCs and STs in India do you think are hate crimes? Murder? Violent assault? Armed forced robbery?

    In what states, districts and villages are these crimes concentrated in?

    Does India have good data on who perpetrates crime? I find it difficult to obtain this data. Could the reason be because of political correctness?

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