Worry about Climate Change or Family Extinction

Sri Lanka is a little country in the middle of everything. We have to be paranoid. Maybe some think distant political decisions/sanctions dont affect our country (as many others)

example: US sanctions against buying Iran oil.
a) So Sri Lanka is forced to buy Mid East, Saudi Oil.
b) Money goes to the Saudis (and other Mid east countries).
c) Saudis etc buy Weapons/Arms from the US.
d) Part of the Oil/Saudi and ME money is recycled to build Extremist Wahhabi mosques in Sri Lanka.

Who gives a shit about Climate Change and Species Extinction when your family is being bombed out of extinction in real time.

sorry guys,  I am pissed off.

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  1. I hope things turn for the better for Sri Lanka. Also did Sri Lanka buy that much oil from Iran? I was under the impression that Arab countries still form the bulk of Oil import for Sri Lanka

  2. Oil is a fungible commodity and is all sold on the open market at the prevailing market price determined by supply and demand. It is common for oil from various producers to be mixed to meet quality standards. No one is forced to buy oil from Saudi Arabia in the same way that no one is forced to buy oil from Angola.

  3. I think for Iran it’s slightly different. Pre Iran deal (Obama’s) , i read that India used to “barter” with Iran. Perhaps Sri Lanka too had this type of arrangement (i guess)

  4. Ali Choudhury and Saurav

    Sri Lanka used to get almost all its oil from Iran.
    The refineries were geared toward Iranian oil, high sulphur of something like that.

    The US sanctions, SL did not get a waiver on purchasing Iranian oil.

    The US forcing the rest of the world to follow its sanctions is too much.
    It is essentially supporting extremist mid east countries.

    Instead of Climate Change we should worry about
    a) Extremism, intervention and wars
    b) Arms production and sales to whatever country

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