8 thoughts on “Racial Profiling”

  1. Sorry that you had to go through this traumatizing experience!! Have a good weekend.

    1. I wouldn’t have minded if they had stopped us as soon as they had noticed us (in Cambridge) but to actually follow us all the way on the highway. That was really beyond the pale

  2. so sorry about this. I recently had to call 911 (the English equivalent of calling 999) because some rednecks in a truck nearly ran me off the road this February. This was in “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire – which is an Alabama Wannabe state.

    Anyways, I parked at a rest area, and when the police came, his attitude was like “you shouldn’t be in New Hampshire.” NOTE: He didn’t at all say that, but that’s what his body language was implying.

    WE NEED MORE PEOPLE OF COLOR POLICEMEN HERE IN THE USA, and our police needs to be tested for steroids.

  3. Sorry you had to go through this. Hope it didn’t ruin your evening or your weekend.

    Is this the first time something like this has happened to you? I know Cambridge isn’t London or Birmingham, but I’m just curious if you’ve ever been stopped and frisked when in major urban centers. I have a few UK friends for whom this seems to happen all too regularly (browns obviously).

    1. Many citizens of today’s Iran have Serbian heritage. Meds, for example. Media is old name of Macedonia where ancient Serbs lived. Serbs founded the city of Tehran. Also, many Serbian tribes on the way back to old homeland after a thousand of years of fighting Chinese, remained in Iran and Anatolia.

  4. Just saw this. Is this an England specific thing?

    Asian Americans are less likely to have negative police encounters than any other major group of Americans–probably because of the statistics that Asian Americans commit far less crime than any other group.

    Could they have had a terrorist or organized crime lead and mistook your vehicle for the suspect’s?

    Once a female cop was freaking out and body checked me. And then asked me to leave the scene. I think it might have been an active crime evolving situation. She seemed all alone without backup and looked very scared. She was gripping her gun very tightly.

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