Gene Expression status update

Since people keep asking, I will post here (it will post to my total feed). Gene Expression the website kept maxing the shared hosting plan’s CPU a few weeks ago. I took it down because I didn’t want our host to blacklist it. When I have some time to spare that’s continuous I will get it back up, along with archives. The issue has been time (I used Cloudflare for what’s it worth). The host looked at the logs and suggested it might have been targeted by DoS attack.

The downside of me hosting the blog is that I have to do all the tech stuff. On the other hand, I have total control of the platform. In this day and age I am not going to give up the control, so just be patient. Honestly, I obviously don’t have as much spare time as I did when I started the blog as a 20something 17 years ago. But I’m not ditching it either.


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  1. “The host looked at the logs and suggested it might have been targeted by DoS attack.”
    As a fitting penalty for a man who fraternizes with the enemy. That’ll teach you to engage conservatives, even if Darwin is still technically heterodox.

  2. Do you mean your site was using too much bandwidth? If mine ever exceeds its monthly limit, they’ll just upgrade it to the more expensive plan. It’s gotten some huge spikes sometimes, including repeated assaults from some bad bot pretending to be from Google. But my host never said anything about it, especially not that I’d be blacklisted for it.


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