Why I stand with Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian

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I made a post today on facebook about why I admired Ivanka & Kim.

I just find them smart, successful and substantial women who are making a global impact. It’s also a fact that women have traditionally gotten ahead through sex appeal and nepotism, after all Britain’s Greatest Monarchy (up for discussion), Elizabeth the 1st inherited the throne from her half-sister.

So it’s nice to under-represented people taking centre stage. Also I have seen a clip where Kim K talks about the lack of representation for people like her (Middle Easterners, she actually said that) so I’m much more sanguine about the Kimono controversy.

To my mind it’s about a lot of deracinated Japanese people, who have white lives and values, getting their time to shine. It’s not lost on me that I do the same a fair bit but then I’m the first to acknowledge my hypocrisy.

However I just don’t see Kim K as a Social Justice Warrior so she’s just who she is. I’m fine with people being as they are and not claiming some superior moral mandate (I do the same thing alot of the time but then I rarely get overly worked up, I like to constantly test my opinions).

A few of my social justice liberal white friends are now taking issue with me because I’m admiring Donald Trump. Let me get this clear, I do not like the man (nor do I like Boris Johnson) and would not want to have dinner with him (well obviously I would since I’d overwhelmed by the star power but it’s a figure of speech). However I enjoy his fresh take on things and how he stands up to the US military-industrial complex.

What I find vexing about my white SJW friends is that they don’t really show contrition. They will poems about coloured people, boast about their super-power (being middle class white people but as soon as you deviate from the orthodox they bare their teeth and claws.

I would think they would allow People of Colour, who were oppressed a century ago, to emerge as the thought leaders of the New Moral Order. But as we see with the fledgling LGBT+ and Environmental movements, these are ways for White Liberals to “take back power.”

The ultimate contradiction of the White Liberal view is that they have to be the “silent followers* to offset centuries of their ancestor’s oppression. To atone, by their own standards, they should be the faceless volunteers being led by loud and vocal Coloured People.

They’re absolutely not willing to do that and hence all their vitriol and outrage has a moral conundrum. They still want themselves and their kin to lead the show.

It would be a better world if we constantly acknowledged that our positions are not pristine. I live by one axiom and one axiom alone (to paraphrase Hari Seldon, the Zeroeth Law); “Life, alone, is Sacred.”

Everything else is up for debate and that’s why I proudly call myself a Social Justice Ghazi with profoundly Tory instincts. I do believe in calling out privilege but rather asking those who do have privilege to exercise noblesse oblige.

It would lead to a better reality check than a white man writing poems about the oppression of a black woman by Chinese racism.

It’s sad that the word Jihad and Itijhad have been so misappropriated that we can’t even use it in common parlance (unless we want to see Butlerian Jihad).

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4 years ago

Their existence doesn’t bother me but it does put into question the struggle that thousands of people face when they are trying to get to somewhere following a particular trajectory of right education -> qualifications -> work experience . Should we just toss out this model then?

Razib Khan
4 years ago
Reply to  V

Should we just toss out this model then?

only if your dad is a billionaire or 1/3rd of american men watch your sex tape.

4 years ago

The thesis that there is a conspiracy on the part of white new-left/far-left people to maintain hegemony on people of all other races seems a bit suspect to me. Because this does not fit with the observation by many American observers here that many elite millennials and others of South Asian background in the US are apparently very new-left too. In my view there is a simpler alternative to the above theory – it may just be that very rich people tend to be too polarised; some being far-right and some (many?) being far-left. I found a post on this very website by some unknown author from 4 or 5 years ago under the category of archives who made me aware of the existence of this saying in Bengali: it translates to ‘the son of a Zamindar is a Naxalite’. As Mr. Razib Khan also noted on Twitter in connection with the Sri Lanka bomb blasts, these sort of things may be all connected with the spirit rather than stomach (I am not reproducing him exactly here but what he said is similar to the above) and thus may attract rich people (of all colours) more compared to others.

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