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  1. Shashi Tharoor introduced a bill in the Parliament to allow dual citizenship. It’s not going to go anywhere (like his earlier bill to legalise homosexuality).

    But I’d be interested to know what folks here think about it?

    I’m mostly against it. You cast your lot with a country and deal with the positive as well as negative consequences.

    OCI should be good enough for most folks.


    1. Against dual citizenship too. I doubt the ability of people to commit to more than one country (and without such commitment, it’s basically people mooching off of other peoples’ efforts and resources.) Just like I doubt peoples’ abilities to belong to multiple families.

      It’s also not obvious that people who work for the betterment of their native countries are actually able to do so (as Ali Choudhury seems to suggest.) People can conflate countries’ interests with their own. One example is lots of NRIs and OCIs investing in India. But what has that wrought? A massive and never ending real estate bubble that has priced the average Indian out of the market.

      Also, people who are citizens of a country but don’t actually live there may treat that country as a playground for their pet ideology. But if the results of that ideology go south, they don’t have to face the consequences.

      (Sorry, this turned out to be a bit of a rant.)

      1. I dont think either way it affects the diaspora thinking at large towards their origin country. India’s OCI is almost like having a dual citizenship and all. Almost everything you suggested as drawback of dual citizenship is already happening in India without the dual citizenship.

        I think the reason for not allowing dual citizenship is more mundane than those stuff, its more headache for bureaucrats and administration in India. Only if you have clear political advantage of allowing dual citizenship (which the current Govt has) you would be willing to put in the political capital to allow this.

  2. Not having it would probably make the diaspora feel less connected to the old country with succeeding generations. Why would you want to work for the betterment of the country of your ancestors if they won’t let you be a citizen?

    1. Lol that information about Kamala being some manifestation of Mahavidya and all was totally unknown to me before I read that article. I think Kamala Harris herself may have been named with simpler referents of the word in mind, like ‘Lakshmi’ (based on the strong south Indian folk association of the lotus with Lakshmi; Kamala is also one of the 108 names of Lakshmi IIRC) or just simply the lotus itself.

      Also, I really like articles like this – they present very important and useful information (or just decisively show to be true what people might be conjecturing to be the case all along). I love journalists like anything sometimes.

    2. To be clear, in the above, I was not referring to the article’s particular political and ideological spin when I said useful information; it’s just about the observation that Indian-Americans donated more to Tulsi Gabbard than to Kamala Harris. (I personally don’t know much if what the journalist opines as the motives for Indian-Americans in doing what they are doing are true – thinking about it in a more simple manner though, wouldn’t it be the case that Indian-Americans (the 51% of Hindus among them at least (also most of them likely Gujaratis or other north Indians of some kind)) may not be supporting Kamala Harris so enthusiastically because she is just non-Hindu and a Christian (and thus almost fully similar to most other candidates as far as Hindus may be concerned)?)

        1. Sereno probably would say that she did not spread enough?

          Milan, that is now a comment I can understand. Siberian or was it Serbian and I get lost.

          So, from the comments, Ameri-Indians (not the Red Kind) have contributed 3 times more toward Tulsi Gabarrd.

          I dont have any insight as to why many Ameri-Indians rejected Kamala

          a) She is half Kalu (Black)
          b) Spread for Black Willy Browns black willie
          c) Now spreading for a Gora (?, White).

          So, Kamala has not spread to Ameri-Indian pride. Maybe she hook up with a Huma Abedin type and then Ameri-Indian Pride all the way.

      1. Kamala’s not Indian…or at least, she doesn’t want to be haha. I mean I get it, politics is what it is. But you can’t expect us to be happy about it.

    3. From the article

      “Most visible when BJP politicians and supporters tell Muslims and Christians to either go to Pakistan or Rome”

      Lol. I have never heard ‘go to Rome’ before. The author seems to be reaching hard.

  3. INDTHINGS wrote:

    “More minority appeasement in India as another Muslim this week attacked by Hindus for committing bovine-blasphemy.”

    “Dara Hua Musalman?” “Scared Muslim?”

    SHOCKING case of intolerance from Rajasthan, Children holding RSS flag thrashed


    Comment: People who refuse to live TOGETHER must die ALONE.

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