Browncast Episode 56: Urbane Cowboys in the conservative wars

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On this episode, I talk to Josiah Neeley and Doug McCoullough. Hosts of the center-Right Urbane Cowboys podcast, they have had Reihan Salam, Avik Roy, Ramesh Ponnuru, and myself, as guests. They do the “brown representation” well, in other words.

Most we talk about the French-Amhari wars. All of us stake somewhat different positions on this conflict within modern conservatism and try to hash out a path to the future.f

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H.M. Brough
H.M. Brough
4 years ago

A good podcast that will introduce listeners to the nuts and bolts of the internecine conflict between the GOP’s intellectual classes.

I will be blunt here: the Ahmari Faction is out of touch. Anyone (eg Schmitz, First Things editor) who attacks Game of Thrones on grounds of alleged sexual impropriety, and then claims to be a contender in the American Kulturkampf, needs to get off the Internet and get on Zyprexa. Maybe the point is correct in principle, but it is not germane in 2019, and it is not something that young, urban Millennials will even dignify with a response.

On the other hand, I read French’s columns regularly. He’s a smart and principled guy, but way too conciliatory, and too ready to surrender the field. I also view his libertarian conservatism as a fundamentally misguided and outmoded ideology. Conservatism has been completely routed in media, academia, and now the corporate world. French has no solutions for this, indeed he hardly seems to regard it as a problem (maybe he does, I’m just reporting the impression I get from him.)

So basically, a pox on both their houses.

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