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  1. Anybody seen Jihadi Khan’s covert threat/fatwa to the rest of the ‘non islamic world’ in the UNGA speech? This genuinely scares me.

  2. There is frequent talk here about Dalits. Often, due to what I assume to be the the Western liberal tendencies of posters, I notice there is a trend towards repeated repudiation of the way Indian society continues to treat its socioeconomic, racially based and religiously entrenched, historical and present day underclass.

    Razib brought up an interesting point to one of the posters that it is best to allow Dalits themselves to take leadership initiative for their own movement for human rights, rather than arrogantly, no matter how well intentioned, speaking on behalf of them, most specifically in the context of how leadership should channel political, economic, and social capital moving forward.

    I tend to hold a similar view. I think the best thing someone not from the community can do to even begin to comprehend the situation is to get educated. Part of that is certainly books and articles about the oppressive conditions the community faces. Another is to listen to the talented voices of the community, particularly those who have transcended marginalization to achieve prominence in globally well regarded intellectual spaces, where nuanced discussions can be held and will hold sufficient clout.

    Below I have linked a video of what I believe to be one such discussion. One of the panelists is the first Harvard PhD student of Dalit origin. He even is rocking the AASI Afro ;).

  3. The Andrew Yang story


    “The 44-year-old tech entrepreneur centres his campaign on “Freedom Dividend”, a proposal to provide every American over the age of 18 $1,000 every month with no strings attached.

    Yang warns that automation and artificial intelligence could take away nearly half of American jobs in the next three decades, and he believes that universal basic income can help ease the pain and solve various social problems.”

    Sounds appealing to me. If a robot wants to take away my job, by all means to do it as long as it can give me a free paycheck every month. Then I will be free to frequent these blogs and while away my time…

  4. This is going to sound a bit random but I’ve been meaning to come here and say this for a while :

    Someone needs to close this shite blog down. Razib Khan is a typical Bengali shithead who wants to deepthroat the white man for no palpable gain besides “feeling accepted in a small town in America” and wants to drag India’s history through the gutter in typical cuckold Bengali fashion.

    Let me also ask Razib Khan this : if the Aryans did indeed migrate or invade India 4000 year ago, then why do we see Indo Aryan Kassites and Mitannis ruling the Middle East? What “race” are the Indo Aryan supposed to have been? “Nordic”? Wrong. They were darker skinned and dark eyed than Whites today, you stupid Bengali fuck.

    Saw some post about how “dark skinned South Indian Brahmins are not pure”. Dude, almost all Indians are Caucasoid dominant, if not 100 % Caucasoid. Have you seen mixed race babies in your “small town in America?”, you fucking cuckold? When two races mix, it is highly unlikely that the facial features of the product of mixing is 100% on either side. Yet, even black Tamil Dalits are mostly Caucasoid. They are supposedly on the “extreme end” of the “ANI-ASI gradient” you whore genetecists go on and on about.

    I heard you’ve been associated with the alt – right in true cuckold fashion. I just wish that the sewer of Bengal is eliminated someday and Indians won’t have to suffer the brith of more Mir Jafars and Razib Khans. Fucking lol.

    End of rant.

    [posted for amusement -razib]

    1. @Milan

      You once stated you consider 150-200 million in S Asia as your brothers. Is this based on Y DNA or Steppe ancestry proportion?
      If so, what are your cutoff point, insofar as nearly all S Asians have some Steppe ancestry and some even low caste groups have a non insignificant minority of R1a males?

      The reason I am curious is because you seem to have an interest in the S Asian- Serbian connection you see via the indo european migrants of past. They influenced all of India’s culture and left genetic impact on nearly every individual. If you have a red line, why do you? Are they all not your brothers by the connection you keep bringing up?

      1. @the warlock

        Thanks for your digressions. I will write soon more extensively but there are couple preview sketches.

        ‘Brotherhood’ is a relative thing, I mentioned blood (i.e. genes) connections. Sometimes, two brothers can be the biggest enemies, but their bloodline is unquestionable. For example, traditional Serbian enemies are former Serbian converts – Bosniacs (100% genetically Serbs), Croats (80+%), Bulgarians (70%), Hungarians (more than a half), Germans (at least 2/3), etc. Based on one geneticist’s report about Hindustan, there is on average 16% R1A, what means almost 200 million. Razib mentioned earlier that some groups have btw 5-30%, it means a similar number. But the number itself is insignificant. Some boring genetics micro-lists here in previous weeks with percentages of ‘steppe’ and others are just about meaningless. I thing that geneticists hit the ceiling and should be prohibited to talk about linguistics (”conduits for indo-european languages, etc”).

        We should fist clarify the facts and taxonomy. “Steppe” does not mean anything, so as “Indo-European” or “Indo-Aryan” or “East-European”. These are all names for Serbian speaking R1a tribes. These guys were Aryans who first time came to Hindustan 4000 years ago. There are NO other R1a tribes! Let stop here if you or someone else disagrees to clarify. If this is clear, we have the fact that – Aryans were Serbian tribes who brought Sanskrit to SA.

        Now, the key problem for many is not if some R1a guys came or not from outside, the problem is their baggage (culture, language, Vedas, mythology). The only way to overcome this obstacle is to recognise that Aryans were S.Asians and that their culture (more than 4 times older than English, for example) is SA local. I invited OIT guys to adjust their theories and to enable all of us to move on, but they are still dragging their feet and not delivering.

        I will be drafting some future proposition (you and everyone else are invited to contribute) to India’s government about special links btw India and Serbia (cultural, economic, technology, exchange, sports, defence, etc). It would be similar to US-Ireland or US-Israel. There is a positive history of mutual relationships since non-aligned movement, etc. It is still very early days, it is the first initiative of this kind but it will be a thing of the future. We must wait (as real leaders do) for masses to catch up. For this to happen we must finally accept the facts and defalsify world history. I tried to be brief. Enjoy watching Serbian rajas from Sacramento this weekend.

        1. By that logic then, is R1a Razib your brother and H Y DNA me not, despite both of us coming from indo aryan linguistic lineages, Bengali and Gujaratis respectively?

          I just find Y DNA definition quite curious because people can have vastly different autosomal lineages, the vast majority of their genome, but the same Y haplo.

          1. Yep, it was established long time ago, probably before your time – Razib is a true blue (i.e. brown) Serb. So, as few other ‘unique users’. He is even one of founding members of ‘SA Serbian Brotherhood’. I am not across all details, but I remember that Xerxie during his time mentioned that Omar is also a Gujarati and probably share the similar heritage. It means that you are maybe in this group, I am still researching, and I think that was a strong ancient Aryans presence over there. Anyway, you are welcome to join the Brotherhood (genes are neither a reference nor obstacle), I can backdate you to become a founding member, too.

        2. you seem to take this brotherhood very seriously. Add me as you see organically fit lol.

          I am either a bruda or not by your sacred initiation. A request to join would be iconoclastic.

          1. Deadly serious. No mucking around. Btw, Razib recently published the genetics map of South Asia. It was unusual to see Polish (!!!) next to Gujarati. It was not a mistake, but it was left unexplained how they found their place into SA. Well, modern Polish were ancient Serbs, so…there you are.

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