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  1. At the moment, there are a couple threads about areas including Xinjiang, Kashmir, Tibet. This is very interested and insufficiently researched region.

    It was mentioned about ‘silk’…

    …from Latin ‘sericum’, plural ‘serica’, literally “Seric stuff,” neuter of ‘Sericus’, from Greek ‘Serikos’ (pertaining to the Seres) an oriental people of Asia from whom the Greeks got silks…

    Wiki and some other sources try to explain that ‘Seres’ comes from ‘China’ (???) and do not explain where ‘sericum and serica’ come from. They mention ‘oriental people’ but do not say that they are Chinese nor any tribe from today’s India. Similarly, they play with a term ‘Serindia’. This area is mostly Xinjiang (i.e Tarim basin). Who were these people?

    WIKI says (about Tarim mummies): “The paternal lines of male remains surveyed nearly all – 11 out of 12, or around 92% – belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1a1, which are now most common in West Eurasia. [15] The R1a1 lineage suggests a proximity of this population with groups related to the Andronovo culture, i.e. early Indo-Europeans.[16]”

    Wiki also says that Uyghur people arrived around 842AC. Russian and Chinese archaeologists jointly confirmed that nothing what is related to Chinese in Tarim is older than 6th c.AC. How can be linked the terms ‘Seres’ (or serica) and China? Who were R1a1 people who lived there for 1-2000 years before Chinese and Uyghurs came and who carried silk trade via Silk route and via sea route via Serendib?

  2. LOL, I think he was the architect of Congress NYAY scheme. I have a inkling that if the current Govt is pushed too much, they might as well go ahead in implementing that scheme themselves. ???

    1. I read somewhere that Salam was made in charge of Pakistan Hockey team or something. Reminds me of the time when ex Auditor General of India was made in charge of Indian cricket ????

      1. Pakistan hockey team ? I doubt it.

        He was asked to manage some athletics program (soccer team, maybe ?) of his University as part of his “extra-curricular” responsibilities.

  3. For those who were listening – “Handel: Arrival of Queen of Sheba” in Omar’s Review thread there is another one for Handel lovers – dedicated specially to the smile of the BUBBLE TAP (Cambridge) owner:


    Handel – Largo (from ‘Xerxes’) Opera (on the 1895 organ of Albion Church, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK)


  4. @Razib Khan
    How does ’23andme’ DNA relatives work.
    As per 23andme, I am 99.5% south asian and 0.1% Broadly east asian and native american and remaining .4% is unassigned.

    I have a DNA relative (3rd to distant cousin) who is 100% east asian and native american.

    I have a DNA relative (3rd to distant cousing) who is 99.5% European, 0.5% african and 0.1% unassigned.

    There are many other european matches but the above is the closest DNA relative.
    My question is that if they are my DNA relatives, either I should have some recent European ancestry or they should have South Asian ancestry. In the above cases, there is none on both the sides and as per 23andme I am 0% European. So, I am confused as to what is the algorithm behind these matches and whether these matches actually indicate that they are my DNA relatives.

  5. Hindu mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari murdered by Islamistshttps://swarajyamag.com/insta/hindu-mahasabha-leader-kamlesh-tiwari-who-made-controversial-remark-on-prophet-mohammed-shot-dead

    1. Tiwari case giving Hindus a taste of what Muslims endure more regularly. Killed for offending religious sensibilities (similar to Cow Brigade Lynchings).

      Now if only Tiwari’s murderers are excused from jail and allowed to run for office, Hindus will have a better idea of what Muslims deal with living in India.

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