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    1. DaThang, can you comment on the rivers mentioned in my comment bellow? I have another dozen or so river pairs.

  1. I have impression that some here, Clearly and Evidently are losing the plot. Let’s go to the basics, i.e. to the beginnings. Can anyone comment on (even wiki provides enough information):

    LEPENSKI VIR (the oldest urban settlement in Europe) – 9500/7200–6000 BC


    LEPENSKI VIR figurines:
    [Agastya (Agashaka), Aksha (Aksha), Apaga (Apaka), Archika (Archikov), Asita (Asata), Ahalya (Ahalenka)]


    AND ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    VINČA (the Cradle of European Civilization) – 5700–4500 BC

    VINCA figurines:
    [Vadava (Vad), Vamana (Vamna), Vansha (Vansha), Varaha (Varah), Varadana (Varaduna)]


    In addition, let me cite from the recent paper (The formation of human populations in South and Central Asia):
    [Kaveri (Kaverka), Kedara (Kidra), Kumbdzha (Kubdza), Kumara (Kumarevka), Kushika (Kushka)]

    “CONCLUSION: Earlier work recorded massive population movement from the Eurasian Steppe into Europe early in the third millennium BCE, likely spreading Indo-European languages. We reveal a parallel series of events leading to the spread of Steppe ancestry to South Asia, thereby documenting movements of people that were likely CONDUITS for the spread of Indo-European languages.”

    1. My apologies…..

      In my previous comment some parts from my other comment coincidentally spilled out. Namely, [16 rivers in Mahabharata (rivers in central Russia)]. Curious can use this accident to have a look and make comparisons. I may provide them another dozen or so rivers to compare and pass their Clearly and Evidently impressions to local ‘geneticists’.

      1. PS: While waiting for Godot to make comments on Lepenski Vir and Vinca, just couple observations/additional questions…

        Yamnaya was a half way (!!!) from Lepenski Vir till today. If in Yamnaya originated so-called Indo-European languages and diffused east and west, which language was spoken in Europe for 5000+ years before that? Any idea, any Conduit? We have even heard from Conduit inventor that Roman Empire was spreading Indo-European languages!!! Which one – Balto-Slavic? Italo-Celtic? Albanian? Old Church Slavonic? Proto-east coast-American?

        I am trying to imagine this ancient separation of travellers at the intersection near Yamnaya:

        – “Guys, you go left and, on the way, act as language Conduit in SA, we will go right through Proto-Hungary and let’s meet next year at Albuquerque.”

  2. There is an Indian veg restaurant in Manchester and they have Hindu swastika in their welcome symbol. In a hate crime, someone tore it , they have put the symbol back and standing their ground.


    Hitler chose the symbol out of a competition and they called in Hakenkreuz – crooked Cross – in German. They thought Sanskrit name would be more prestigious and called in Swastika , rather than Hakenkreuz which was the name.

    1. VV,

      You may pass these swastikas to your ManUnited friends to make as a poster in front of their shop. It is obvious that they do not have any connections with Nazis.

      The first is 1500BC ‘votive cart with anthropomorphic idol figurine’ and the second is swastika as a ‘letter’ in the oldest in the world alphabet – “Vinca script” 8000-6500 BC.


      Vinca script – 8.000-6.500 BC


  3. What do you guys think about the barbaric murder of Hindu mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari by Islamist fanatics?

    1. I think its giving right wing Hindus a taste of their own medicine visa-vis cow lynchings.

      Now if the murderers are released from prison and allowed to run for office, the Hindu-right will truly understand the plight of Indian Muslims.

      1. Really, you want to equate criminal cow thieves and slaughterers who get caught and lynched by aggrieved villagers with blasphemy killing jihadis. Thoo.

        1. I would never equate them, slandering someone’s prophet is much worse than wanting to eat beef.

          Also lol at cow thieves.

          1. “I would never equate them, slandering someone’s prophet is much worse than wanting to eat beef.”

            How, though? I guess we just have very different presuppositions. I’m not religious but I am vegan. An animal, especially a mammal like a cow, is a sentient being with its own interests (fundamentally, to not be harmed and killed). Most people’s prophets no longer exist today. They are long gone, presumably with no current consciousness or sentience, and therefore no interests that need to be taken into account.

            The worst that can be done is to verbally abuse the deceased prophet, which can emotionally adversely affect those attached to the deceased prophet. But that seems to be a lower level of harm than to go against the most fundamental and basic interests of a currently living sentient being by physically harming and killing it.

      2. This escalation ladder ends only one way. It’s not with the Hindu RW getting a healthy dose of warrior muslim blood and backing off. (fucking lol)
        It’s with a massive pogrom of vengeance in which the minority is hunted like game meat.
        The fact that this is not happening today should show you that Hindus by and large actually do think making fun of Mohammed is crossing the line. This will probably change though. It’s tough to read about Mohammed and Aisha and not come to the conclusion.

        That said though, it’s only a matter of time before some neckbeard (can you call em neckbeards if they are mandated to have beards?) Muslim JNU students decide to parade Naked lakshmi and become the Indian Kent state victims.

      1. 6 jihadis including maulanas have been caught for the blasphemy killing. The murderers befriended Tiwari using hindu names. should have checked their dicks in hindsight.

  4. https://journal.fi/store/article/view/76275/40608 Parpola on occurence of ‘mirror’ in vedic texts.

    Mirror only appears in late vedic texts like grihyasutras. But mirrors have been found both in Late IVC and BMAC (through which they came to India). So how come invading steppe aryan heroes had no clue about them for a long time after coming to india?

    Lol…. Steppe aryan hypothesis is BS. Early vedic culture is prior to 2500bc

    1. AK wrote:

      “https://journal.fi/store/article/view/76275/40608 Parpola on occurence of ‘mirror’ in vedic texts.”

      Just got an email from him (Parpola). Calls himself “Ashoka” now! Anyway.


      Indus Valley Cultural Elements In Minoan Crete: Was It Due To Migration?


      Readers can ignore the recent brawl between Talageri and Pattanaik or alternatively derive amusement from it. Those choosing the first alternative can simply scroll down to his (Talgeri’s) discussion of the New vs Old books of the Rig Veda and examine the chart that follows.


      For over 200 years Western Indologist have been dutifully manufacturing the longest rope that now can be used to hang their scholarship with. Talageri has done just that. And brilliantly so. No one disputes the order of the Rig Vedic Mandals. The genetic and the archaeological evidence is just the icing on the cake.

  5. I wonder if I have a tragi-comic explanation for Aatish Taseer’s latest twitter mini-storm. He recently tweeted (in response to Shubrashta): “Look at these people! A genocidal home minister, openly promulgating ethnic cleansing doesn’t worry them one bit; but my suggestion that Muslims organise against state-sponsored Hindu fascism has their saffron knickers in a twist. I’ll say it again: organise!”.
    I don’t think (or at least don’t know if) Amit Shah has genocidally openly promulgated ethnic cleansing, unless you count NRC and deport-the-immigrant comments. But there is a video of a man named Narasingh anand saraswati with Kamlesh Tiwari’s mother, saying angry things against muslims. He looks a bit like Amit Shah. Could this be the mistaken trigger for Aatish’s comment? Someone who can DM Aatish please ask.

    1. interesting how Taseer refers to Mohammad as “the Prophet” but to Ram as merely Ram

      1. Right, this incident has been the nail in the coffin in convincing me that it is futile to build any sort of cross-religious institutions in India.

        This guy’s dad was assassinated by Islamist hardliners for “blasphemy,” and he still claims broad allegiance to the Islamic side in this latest culture war kerfuffle. I would have expected him of all people to sit it out, but apparently not.

        These guys are never going to be our friends. So let’s focus on doing our own thing.

        1. and he still claims broad allegiance to the Islamic side in this latest culture war kerfuffle

          I’m not on Twitter but I’ve been following a story about an appeal to boycott all Muslims (or something like that) being spread around, apparently enthusiastically, on that forum. Something like that combined with the very real threat of thousands of Muslims (legal or illegal) being rounded up into detention camps in Assam far exceeds a “culture war kerfuffle”, as you put it. So if Taseer was reacting to that (as it seemed to me), he’d be well-within the bounds of decent conduct.

          And I’ve not been following the news very closely (very busy at work) but it seems the murder of this Tripathi guy was the trigger for all this. Even if you accept the story about him being murdered by some Muslims (Tripathi’s own mother seems to dissent from that view though), condemning all Muslims of India for that would seem to me to be a massive overreaction.

          The pernicious nature of the modern Internet and social media gets more apparent day-by-day. I don’t blame you; you are American whose ties to India are purely cyber in nature, so that’s the ecosystem that seems to shape your views. But it’s sad and frightening to witness how people who actually live in India are getting more and more unhinged and paranoid all the time even though conditions in the real world are far better than they were back in the 80s and 90s (I’d know.)

          1. The thing is, this stuff isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s just another salvo between two sides who don’t like each other very much.

            There’s always going to be Hindu defectors. Of course, there’s very few Muslim defectors, but when the rubber hits the road, the guy who you would expect to be at least ambivalent ends up sounding like Asaduddin Owaisi. That’s all I’m saying.

          2. @Numinous
            “But it’s sad and frightening to witness how people who actually live in India are getting more and more unhinged and paranoid all the time even though conditions in the real world are far better than they were back in the 80s and 90s (I’d know.)”

            Why blame India when this is a worldwide trend. Isn’t the same happening in America? And Americans are much more richer than Indians.

            America is still the country that sets worldwide attitudes through its cultural dominance, and America has chosen a deeply xenophobic and nativist course. Rest of the world is simply following.

            I remember when Obama was in India, he chided Indians for not following Gandhi’s path. It stung, because somehow it felt that he had the moral authority to chide Indians. Can you expect such deference to Trump? People will laugh at his face if he attempts any sermonizing on more toleration and multi-culturalism.

            I agree that BJP’s Hindu Rashtra is not looking pretty. And it is gonna get worse. Imminent optics of migrant children behind the barbed wires of detention camps awaits us. It is one thing to strive for cultural renaissance, and altogether different thing to let loose lynch mobs on real and perceived enemies.

            But don’t lose hope. As I said multiple times, 2010s are not 1930s, and India is not Germany. One thing I have learnt after interacting with people of various cultures is that people of different cultures are indeed different. Indians simply aren’t “hard” people like Americans or British. This march towards unrepentant nationalism can go only up to a point. Beyond a certain point there will be reaction and pendulum will swing in opposite direction.

        2. Aatish Taseer is not a jihadi apologist. Read his books. He appears to be sensitive, emotional person, who has been persuaded (sort of like Rahul Gandhi if you remember his leaked comments to the US diplomats) that Hindu “majoritarianism” is a bigger danger. And so, incidents like these probably act on his confirmation bias. Thats why I am hoping someone sends the labelled video of narasinhanand saraswati to him, in (low-probability but interesting) case he mistook that to be Amit Shah. Ultimately, deescalation has to happen by convincing sane people in the middle that most people on either side are not evil.

  6. razib:
    Is there a feature to mute certain interactors (once a viewer is logged in)? There are certain repetitive posters that don’t add much to the conversation and I would rather mute them if possible. thanks.

    1. Just another one who wants to censor the Open Thread??? You are not enough brave to say directly what do you think? Or, you simply cannot handle the truth or different opinion? There are a couple others here who also want to forcefully shout the mouth to some people. There is a pretty good mechanism built in the blog to avoid topics and commentators you don’t like. Just watch what and whom are you clicking. You should neither to worry nor you are competent to decide which contribution is worth or not. It is up to admins to make decisions within their project.

      1. Actually, I had some other poster in mind when I wrote this, but thanks anyway. If the shoe fits…

        1. I did not write this for myself, I wrote this as a general practice for everyone. There are people here who have very twisted assumptions about the culture of dialogues and democracy. I don’t know if you are one of them but it seems you lack the tolerance and a courage to express yourself.

          1. Sure, you didn’t write this for yourself 🙂
            You are a one trick pony whose posts most people just skip here. You should ask yourself when was the last time you got any engagement on your 5x a day posts about how Serbia is where it all started 🙂 some self awareness would do you good. Saying as a “friend”

          2. Now, you are talking. It wasn’t so difficult to gather some courage to express your frustration, isn’t it? How do you know that some people skip my comments? And, so what? And how do you know if you do not read? It seems that you and couple others simply cannot comprehend nor accept some facts. Let say, is it interesting that 30+ rivers in central Russia have the same names as rivers in Mahabharata? Coincidence? Maybe, or some people do not want to hear this and they are pushing their heads into the sand. I think that it should be a worldwide sensation. What about 7000+ years old swastika in Vinca. Is this interesting? I belong neither to AIT nor OIT camp but, if OIT is genetically proven (as I am reading today), I would like to know about my ancestors and if and when the swastika was brought from SA to Europe? Or, it is maybe another coincidence, why not two independent swastikas? Or, IE languages originated in Yamnaya and brought to EU (and SA) about 2700BC. A peer reviewed, Nature (i.e. top level) paper says this without any explanation which language was spoken for 5000+ years before that. Interesting? Not for you. And, the paper author says that IE languages were spread by Roman Empire? It is hard to believe. I am assuming that I have millions of distant cousins in SA (either way migrations went EU>SA or SA>EU, I don’t care) but few do not want to accept this. No worries, I am not here to make friends. That is the whole story my ‘friend’… And, give me a favour, pass me regards to Xerxie and his family if you tumble into his waffle shop while holidaying.

  7. Very interesting US congressional hearings on Kashmir.

    Looking at the ethnicity of Indian origin participants (on both side of the aisle) , increasingly i feel that u can decipher any Indian politics just by looking at their surname.

    1. it has and always will be IVC+ allies vs. the steppe+ allies

      In the West: IVC Gangetic Plain, Maharashtra, and Gujarat along w/ Indus Hindu/sikh loyalists vs. Steppe Muslims, Khalistanis, low caste Muslim recruits, and hindu communists

      May the Indra chokolingam bless this Mahabharat Part 2 with thunderbolts

      Jai Shree Ameen

      1. Hehe, you’re making me scared of the prospect of a Bengali wife. They are our enemies at this Kurukshetra. 🙂

      2. Hey warlock

        What is a chokolingam

        My mind is thinking of chocolate, but assume no connection. Seen it used as a surname out here in Sri Lanka.

        1. lingam is a phallus

          choko refers to asphyxiation

          A real quote from the Rigged Veda

          “On judgement day, the thundermeat of the sky father shall accompany his pulses of lightening, showering the Brown people’s with one final washing of Fair and Lovely”

          Jai Shree Ameen

          1. Are they really people with surname with chokolingam in Sri Lanka?

            Perhaps a relic of the past like Bannerjee was previous Bangopdhaya and all.

          2. Saurav
            Are they really people with surname with chokolingam in Sri Lanka?

            With Tamil Hindus, Fathers name first and given name last.

            I have no idea what Chokka means in Tamil.
            Maybe “nice” equating to colloquial sinhala “shok”

            Apparent Chokka is beautiful. Sunder is the Sanskrit equivalent and Sunderalingam more common.


      3. The more “Hindu” the region, the more “mainstream Indian” view you would find.

        As you go further from the heartland, in whichever direction , it dilutes proportionally

        1. The most authentic Hindus can be found in the deep south of the country. Northerners are semi-Persianized barbarians in comparison (with cow fetishes).

        2. I know man , what i say, people dont like. Anyway sooner or later you would come around to my view.

  8. Haryana election are close

    Jats, Muslims, and Dalits are allied. It looks like the Steppe+AASI vs. IVC.

    The IVC currently leading in a tight battle.

    1. I am a man on a mission. Not some idle chitchater or lurker as some just another faceless anonymous can assume. European and world history is heavily falsified (mostly by Vatican and English) including ancient Euro-(South)Asian connections. I already posted many facts that uncover these falsifications including several world exclusives. I also from time to time post Vinca/Lepenski Vir artefacts to put some back to reality, who do not have any explanation about these places which do not fit in the current theories. In SA, some appreciate my contribution while some are frustrated or even fill threaten but none found any mistake or contradiction. Pretty busy by the beg of Nov, stay tuned.

  9. Found this image while casually surfing the internet.


    This is a picture of a recent protest in Ankara. I can easily make out a tattoo on a protester’s arm reading “Bahadur”, but written in, of all things, in Dev-nagari (Hindi) script.

    Bahadur is actually a Turco-Mongolian word (as evident in in Ulan-Ba’atar). But why would Turks feel an urge to give a nod to Hindi to express their culture.

    May be just a passing fashion thing. There is not much to read into it. But still interesting.

  10. Renowned Khalistani Steppe Peace Lord Socialist

    Jimmy Singh will play kingmaker in Kaneda

    My the Sky Father bless his ungrateful soul

    Jai Shree Ameen

    1. This isn’t really a mystery. The Chinese are getting richer, but they aren’t rich enough. When Britain was getting rich and powerful (during the 18th and 19th centuries), masses of English, Scots, and Irish (especially the latter two) were emigrating to the colonies. Lots of people back home were getting rich thanks to profits from global trade, and the industrial revolution, but lots of others knew they would remain in dire poverty all their lives unless they emigrated. It was a different kind of equilibrium from what we see today in the “developed” world.

  11. @Scorpion Eater
    “I remember when Obama was in India, he chided Indians for not following Gandhi’s path.”

    What made it so hollow was that he came to India to lecture Indians on religious tolerance, and then his next stop was Saudi Arabia, where he kept his mouth shut.

    “Indians simply aren’t “hard” people like Americans or British.”

    Hindus are not. Can’t say the same for all Indians.

    1. lol the “Hindus” are not mentality is part of what made Pakistan make irrational moves even during war time. But yes keep believing that. Then don’t also go on about jingoism and Nazism

  12. “In the Northern Indian state of Punjab and its environs, an ethnic population known as Sikhs are attempting to survive despite government attempts to integrate them into a secular, materialistic and bureaucratic state.
    Most of the Sikhs belong to the ethnic group of the Jatts, who are by lore a mix of Scythian and Northern Indian, something borne out by the number of infants born there with hazel eyes and light skin. Local histories hold that some Jatt tribes migrated from Europe and some came with Alexander the Great, such as the Gill and Mann tribes.”

    LMFAOO. They make RSS sound like NASA


    What I find ironic is Muslim Punjabi majority Pak claims Modi government is Nazi, yet major recent genocides of S Asia, partition and 1971 Bangladesh were carried about by Punjabis. The latter was a systemic murder and rape campaign by mostly Pak Punjabi army Muslims, with at least part of the rationale being “aryanizing” the Bengalis. Doesm’r get more Nazi than that folks

    1. thewarlock quoted:

      “Most of the Sikhs belong to the ethnic group of the Jatts, who are by lore a mix of Scythian and Northern Indian, something borne out by the number of infants born there with hazel eyes and light skin. Local histories hold that some Jatt tribes migrated from Europe and some came with Alexander the Great, such as the Gill and Mann tribes.”

      Uttara Kuru and the Jats


      The Jats genetic issue was discussed here sometime back


      Genetic data has so far been interpreted in the context of the AIT. Geneticist Rathod seems to be quite annoyed with this as he wrote on the above thread:

      “We people of India and Pakistan have a habit of cutting off our noses to spite the face. If textual evidence indicates people migrated out from India to Central Asia than vice-versa, is that so bad for the Pakistanis ? Or is it that because Indian Hindus are arguing it, they must be faking it and the White man is always to be trusted with his scholarship ?”

      The Jats could provide that missing link under an OIT scenerio, as Kak writes:

      “The memory of the movement of the Jats lives on in the commonality of the names of the European and Jat clans as in Birk (Virk), Bains, Chiller, Dhillon, Gill, Hans, Herr, Kak, Lally, Mann, Mor, and Sandher unless, of course, this is just coincidence. According to Sundeep Jhutti, they are the “traces of the movement of these Getes [Jats]to various countries in the Eurasian continent.”

      The latest genetic study coauthored by Niraj Rai may put new spins on the same data. That is for the experts to decide.

      1. that’s all good and fine by the hazel eyes part is hilarious because that is a small minority. google agitation images on google and go judge even skin color yourself. line up 100 N Indian men from various communities. I can guarantee it won’t be so easy to tell ethnic group, as is written about. These people like to advertise that they are some half European half Indian hybrid peoples. This is laughable because there are enough groups who identify as fully Indian that these people cluster closer to than the Germanic tribes with names like “Mann” they identify with. There is so much hatred of the AASI ancestry in S Asia and S Asians are viewed so lowly on the global racial hierarchy in the subconscious of many that attempts are made to constantly subvert the truth, misrepresenting reality to provide an artificial fit as distal to these “undesirable” genes as possible.

        People in S Asia take small differences in groups and make a MASSIVE deal out of them. Look, a group like Jatt is 35% Steppe, and someone like me, a N Indian vaishya is like 20%. Fabulous. Great 15% difference. A few shades lighter in color. Maybe 5% of people with colored eyes vs. 1%. But the majority are still some variation of light brown to medium brown people with some darker peoples and overwhelmingly indid features.

        1. – Tutmos III is the sixth pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty. He ruled Egypt from 1486BC until 1425BC. At the temple of Tutmozis III and his sister Numt Amena, we find his colourful fighting with the nations: Ruthenians, unknown in N.Africa and HETI in Hanan.
          – Setos (ruled from 1445-1394 BC) and his son Ramesses II – on their buildings we find again a recorded victory over the people of Ruthen, Remn and the people of Shaza, and again HETI with their city Kedem, etc. They conquered the countries of Asia and Europe to the Black Sea, and in Finland to the Lika River, conquered Scythia and Thrace in Europe, and considerable part of Asia till India. These victories against Livy, Nubian and HETI were again written on their tombstones
          – Sesostris (Setos’ grandchild, ruled 1391—1328BC) led big ancient expedition of 600 thousand of warriors, 24000 horsemen, 27000 chariots from Africa and invaded Europe and India with intention to conquer the whole world.

          The tribes: HETI, Ruteni were Serbian speaking tribes. The remains of these Heti or the ancient Hati in India were known as overly cruel and wild, but at the same time warlike and brave, all travellers in India describe them. They were known in today’s Serbia (and Tripoli – Tripolye) during Trajan’s ruling and in other places, such as Venice and Italy, etc. whom everyone recognize as Serbian and called various Slavic names. Roman poet Ovidiu wrote about them (Ex Ponto) during his exile in Serbian Dacia (today’s Constance – Romania).

          The tribes – Sarmatians, Goths, Sakas, Getae, Massagetaeans (from Danube) are all Serbian speaking tribes. The names: Heti (i.e. Hati from N.Africa), Geti from Danube (i.e. Goti=Goths) describe the same tribe which spoke Serbian language.

          In India, this name is JATS. Today’s JATS are descendants of the ancient Serbian tribe Heti i.e. Hati i.e. Geti i.e Goti.

  13. A drop in the number of seats secured by BJP(+) in both elections, but regardless of that, it looks like they are safe for now.
    Just felt like securing the 60th comment with this one :p

    1. The guy is a known Khalistani sympathizer and even advocated violent means to subvert the Indian state. He is pro-theocratic. He also refused to denounce the Air India bomber. He condones terrorism. The guy is also situationally liberal, something I can’t stand. He wants to carve out a state based on religion from India, yet complains about religious discrimination in Canada. He is also an avowed socialist, who advocates policies that will tank the Canadian economy in the long term.

      He is the velvet hand of the Sikh community like Vajpayee was for the RSS. It is sad that a leader like him and not like say Niki Hayley is the first person in an executive national position in N. America. He is the Mehdi Hasan of Sikhs. He sympathizes with radicals and tries to paint his community as one entirely formed by moderates. He is dangerous. But religious wingnuts and Jatt supremacists of the Khalistani Movement must be rejoicing. In their heads, this one step closer to forming their own nation state, free from interference from the dirty oppressive half breed australoid Hindoos, who are physically and mentally inferior.

      1. You’re 100% right. Jagmeet is a Khalistani extremist. Also spot on analogy with Mehdi Hasan.

    2. The Canadian political play field (especially with respect to NDP) has looked dismal since Jack Layton passed away and things have only gotten worse for the NDP since 2015 with the end of Mulcair’s leadership. Hopefully, the stark drop in NDP seats would allow for a change in the party functionality (that is: focusing on labor issues instead of social justice accompanied by a change in leadership) or else another 5 years of Jagmeet might as well lead to an end to the NDP.

  14. A good quote

    “Justin Trudeau seems to have won the re-election if I’m not wrong. So apart from UK, another country in the kitty of pakistan. Decades of investment by ISI in these countries is paying off, while all india did is gloat about useless CEOs and the so-called “bollywood soft power”.”


    Lol, ISI is amazing at doing what they do. They know how to even play the long game in “soft” guerrilla warfare.

    The BJP needs a Tharoor quickly to take’s Modi’s place, someone eloquent and polished to massage the liberals with the words of comfort they need. They need to start scouting among the right wing at the IIMs and JNU.

    1. @thewarlock
      I don’t think it would make any difference. The Western liberal allegiance to Islamists is unbreakable. Might as well work with conservatives. It’s like that Razib article about how everything looks like a nail when you have a hammer. Everything related to this topic is viewed by Western liberals through the lens of Islamophobia. They will eagerly throw religious minorities, LGBTQ, women of these Islamist societies under the bus to strengthen their allegiance to Islamists.

  15. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/aakarvani/world-is-taking-note-that-new-india-is-not-living-up-to-its-image/

    ” To return to where we started, India has been seen in the modern age as a loveable and weird place, which means to do well but is not competent. I will illustrate this with a story from about 20 years ago when Shimon Peres was prime minister of Israel. Now Israel has the draft under which all citizens (except Muslims) are conscripted at the age of 18 and have to serve three years in the military. On coming out of conscription, about 85% of them come to India. Many of these young women and men become deeply familiar with our country, even more than some of us are. Anyway, I asked Peres why he thought they came here and not Europe or elsewhere. He thought about it and said: “After three years of the most disciplined existence in the world…” he paused, “they seek a place with no discipline at all.” We both laughed, because it is true.

    Peres was very warm to India, observing that our kindness showed in the way we were the only nation on earth to have stray canines in urban areas. We do not observe such things of course but to him this was high civilisation.”

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