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  1. Razib,

    Any idea where the next tranche of ancient Indian DNA is going to come from? Do you know if there are any archaeological sites people are working on?

      1. I may give some explanation for those who are interested but I leave to Razib to give his opinion/knowledge.

    1. a bunch of ppl are working on stuff. niraj rai among them.

      there is some stuff from megalith culture of south india. i’ve seen possible leaks.

    1. I think they will do some, and gauge the blowback. Then proceed accordingly.

      Perhaps before Delhi elections, so that enough time passes before the Bihar elections,where lot of PSU workers come from.

  2. Razib,
    Do you have details of genetics of Polynesian/Maori people of New Zealand? Their mythology Manuka, sky-father sounds partly similar to Proto-IndoEuropean culture.
    Would you consider R30, R31 and R8 Indian maternal lineages as Austroasiatic lineages. If not than, do they have any distinct autosomes compare to M lineages.
    I recently read your book, it was interesting, informative and good read.

    1. This is very interested Roma. For example, ‘Honey’ in Maori language (and Japanese) is MED, it is identical as in ancient Serbian (ancient Serbian alcoholic drink made from Med was Medovina) and many South Asian languages. It was most likely brought by Aryans. When you say ‘(Proto)Indo-Euroepean just think ‘Serbian’ and it will be much clearer.

      Btw. if you are the Roma ethnic I can give you many links to the Serbian Roma music.

  3. Either you like Indian food or you have ulcers.
    PS: I actually like Chinese, Mediterranean over Indian food.

  4. In previous couple podcasts, Alexander the Great was mentioned several times. There is one song (with English translation) from his old Serbian homeland – Macedonian girl. I think that everyone is now clear that Aryans and Alexander were Serbs (although, some still call them East Europeans). Many South Asian people should see them as their ancestors and listen these sounds which were played during their arrivals in new homeland instead of using superior weapons and accept them as their own heritage:


    1. @ Roma

      Thanks Roma. This is the same name as the Italian capital city (my name was also a capital city of the province Lombardia). Both names are Serbian. Roma was founded by Serb Etruscans and the original name is Ruma (there is also a city in Serbia with this name). There is also in India a place with this name. Some research would be needed to find out if everything is connected or not.


      Thanks Brownie. There are several versions of the song Djelem, djelem and all are sang in Roma language. This version is from the movie ‘Feather Pickers’ translated in Europe as ‘I Even Met Happy Gypsie’s. It got a Golden Palm in 1967 in Kan. The whole movie is about Roma people who collect and trade goose feathers, their loves and conflicts.

      But, Olivera Katarina is not a Roma, she is a Serbian. She is actually an actress, acted in some European movies (e.g. Goya). She was also singing various styles of songs. She is 79 now. For you and Roma only, there is her song about Paris’ cafes where she lived for some time.


  5. Can anyone give a low down on what’s happening in Pakistan with respect to the extension of Qamar Bajwa?

  6. Razib, I know that you are busy with SA Genotype project and creating personal profiles for BP pundits but, what is your opinion about ‘out of Africa’ theory, i.e. that humans originated in Africa and spread around the world? I think that it is incorrect and I may provide some evidence in case you have a different opinion. Txs.

  7. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/india-sri-lanka-relations-gotabaya-rajapaksa-s-jaishankar-china-6141712/

    How to regain friends in Sri Lanka

    “But despite its own loss of a high pedestal, Delhi is not without options. For starters, it could appoint a Tamil as the next High Commissioner to Colombo. It has never been done before and it would send a stronger signal than a preachy statement from Delhi. India’s pockets are not as deep as China’s but appointing a Special Envoy to Sri Lanka, in the manner of US special representatives to Afpak, someone who knows China as well as Sri Lanka, may be another modest beginning toward making friends and regaining influence in Sri Lanka.”

    With friends(suggestions) like this, who needs enemies

  8. Harald Haarmann (world’s leading expert on scripts and languages) states that the Danube script is the oldest known writing in the world. Much older than Mesopotamian writing. The Danube culture was an egalitarian civilization which existed 8000 years ago in Eastern Europe and is indeed the cradle of civilization, not the Middle East.

    (2.5 min)


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