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  1. I wonder where the Indian yDNA H came from. I find it hard to believe that it came from Iran HGs because:
    1- None of the Iran HG remains thus far have yielded yDNA H
    2- There is yDNA H2 in Europe, which would have ultimately come from the Anatolia. On top of this, there is also the possibility of pre-natufian Levantines basically being the same pre-agriculture Anatolians.

    I suspect that the yDNA H in south Asia would have come from a pre-Iran HG era, perhaps from a movement from the late Levant Aurignacian culture (around 30,000 years ago) into south Asia, bringing mtDNA U2 along with it. This would mean that AASI, even with all Iran ancestry stripped away would still have some non-east Eurasian ancestry in it. What do you guys think about this possibility?

    1. I think it is on the cards, judging by the period at least. I wonder if the H-men had Cro-Magnon like traits.

    2. first you trace my K1a back from anatolia possibly and then my H. I need to visit the magical land of Turkey to find truth

      1. My current guess is more so in the Levant (around Israel), though it might be Turkey as well since.

  2. At this point it seems like the BJP’s project to turn the Assamese anti-Bengali movement into a Hindu anti-Muslim movement has failed. Heavy protests/riots in the state have been reportedly met with heavy police/military repression, though difficult to say as like Kashmir communications were cut.

    Otherwise is was heartening to see Muslims across India, accompanied by liberal Indians of all faiths, rise up in protest. Predictably the Hindu Right is trying to smear this movement as a Jihadist/Islamist plot, though I think Indian-Muslims have finally wised up and realized they are being labelled as Jihadists/Islamists regardless of what they do, so may as well get their shots in.

    1. Let’s make a wager. I wager that NRC will pass as well. I’ll give you 50-50 odds that it passes. Do we have a trade?

      1. I think the NRC is the new Ram temple for BJP and they will not pass this term, and keep the kettle boiling. They will use this as an election issue for the next 2 3 terms, that they have to come to power to implement NRC. They have done enough (and more) this term to shore up their base. If they do everything in 1 term, all their policies will lose their novelty effect.

        1. The problem with this weak sauce logic is that it assumes politicians do politics the way minimum wage employees do jobs. There are true believers in this world – for every cause, no matter how strange it seems.
          If it is not clear to you now, it should be – Modi and Shah are true believers to the cause.
          Anyway, do we have a trade?

          1. We do. And i believe all politicians however ideological are pragmatist at the end of the day. They know exactly when to heighten the temperature and when they need back down for a bit.

      1. And police have attacked students at Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University.

        What do you have to say about that? Some more bs about “savage Muslim mobs”?

      1. I’m going to assume you’re not trolling even though you clearly are. But do you really feel like this? What has happened in your life that you need to make a statement like this?

        I think there are many real and valid criticisms of islam and specifically conservative variants of islam. But how one can make such a blanket statement about such a large population I’ll never understand.

      1. Well looks like the BJP achieved something which they thought NRC would achieve, they wouldn’t believe their luck.

      2. The common man in India also believes cow urine has magical powers, so not a great barometer.

        1. “The common man in India also believes cow urine has magical powers, so not a great barometer.”

          This sentence would be more accurate if bracketed by “Most Pakistanis believe that”.

          1. Tbh I’ve seen many more Leftists and Muslims making cow urine jokes than I’ve seen Hindus talking at all about it.

            Though it is a useful meme in that it tells you who is worth ignoring.

  3. @whomever understands this complex stuff bc it’s their job.

    Edward Croft Dutton, the extremely oddball Finland based expat anthropologist who looks like he fell out of a timewarp from cca 1920, has this whole shtick about how the end to high child mortality has led to fucked up politics because

    1) third of genome is brain related

    1.1) mutations occur effectively at random spots, so some of them will be affecting neural development

    2) lack of selection on children leads to more mutations in subsequent generations

    3) 2) keeps snowballing, so at present in prosperous nations there are many people who have a lot of harmful brain-related mutations

    4) that this is behind the rise in increasingly insane politics in the west.

    5) that belief in god is adaptive and so is ethnocentrism and right-wing authoritarianism. And that’s why people who are that way are more likely to be good looking.

    And then he follows it by citing studies religious people are healthier even after accounting for confounders, that they have more symmetrical faces and so on and all this points to them having less bad genomes.

    I’m suspecting he’s playing very fast & loose with the papers he’s quoting but honestly I can’t evaluate this correctly as I lack the education, yet am still curious to know how wrong he is.

    This paper:

    Dutton, E., Madison, G. & Dunkel, C. (2018). The Mutant Says in His Heart, “There Is No God”: The Rejection of Collective Religiosity Centred Around the Worship of Moral Gods is Associated with High Mutational Load. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 4: 233-244.

  4. This entire CAB-NRC business is yet another attempt by Modi and Co. to build on the Hindutva asabiya. To me it feels like a desperate move coming on the heels of
    1. state level elections that have not mirrored the dominance of the BJP in the parliamentary elections,
    2. sharp deceleration in the Indian economy, and
    3. increasing attention on the clamp down in Kashmir

    Now if only the Congress could get its act together and throw off the yoke of the Indira Gandhi dynasty!

    1. “Now if only the Congress could get its act together and throw off the yoke of the Indira Gandhi dynasty!”

      LOL, i have a higher chance of getting a Nobel than this happening.

      I think BJP is not desperate though. They seem to have traded one region for the other. Bengal’s 40 seats for Assam’s 14 . Also factoring in some push back from muslims/left liberals and counter mobilization of Hindus in N-India. Let’s see if this gamble works.

    2. Even after 2014 BJP didn’t match their performance at state level.why do liberals keep spreading this bullshit.

  5. In less than 24 hour expires the deadline for answering the question about the origin/meaning of the name ASIA. After that, the bottle with a secret content will be donated to a designated charity organisation (‘alcoholics without borders’). To remind you, everything started after the Razib’s mentioning of Croesus, when Walter threw a brown cat amongst pigeons. Ah, Walter, he is naughtier than Rousseau, Montesquieu and Diderot together. A tip – the answer is related to the discussion where an ancient obelisk (800BC) from Asia Minor with engraved laws was presented. Alternatively, it can be answered the same question but related to the word – Europe! Humorous answers can be also considered.
    But – no wiki, no junk mail and no hawkers, please.

      1. And….goin’, goin’ – gone! The winner is – DaThang. He wasn’t far from the correct answer, but he will be awarded in a humorous category. Bravo. Congratulations!

        So, pundits, put ya hands in da air
        Coz there’s a party over here
        So grab yourself a beer
        And we can get our fever on
        I’m wid it, so let me put my big brown beaver on,

        Come on
        So all you pundits on the left
        (Are you ready to rock the house)
        Pundits on the right
        (Are you ready to rock the house)
        Pundits up front
        (Are you ready to rock the house)
        DaThang in the back
        (Are you ready to rock the house)
        Well say Ho (Ho)
        Say ho ho (ho ho)
        Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho)
        Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…


        (DT – provide a delivery point, anywhere in the world)

        I know that pundits need more…

        Another question to think over the Christmas break:

        What is (the meaning of) SERINDIA?
        (no wiki, please and repeating the backup question – origin/meaning of ‘Europe’)

        May help:


        1. Once again congratulations to the winners. The response was so overwhelming, and it was so difficult to decide who is the winner. Especially, because the answer was missing the essence, but it was (geographically) the closest with a dose of humour. If delivery point is not received, the prize will be sent to the BP Head Office. Some decided in their modesty to remain anonymous, but this is ok, it was a good learning exercise for all of us. It just confirmed the old Socrates’ sentence – scio me nihil scire. As a part of the top prize we will also conduct a mock-up interview with the winner. Due to the strong response we will also consider the consolation prizes in the future. And now pundits, all go back to the party thrown in for our winner…

          …So, pundits, put ya hands in da air
          Coz there’s a party over here…

    1. Serbia —
      — actually the real answer is bit more complicated, cough cough grim laughter lol
      Asia— female crying for her boychild and or husband (dharmpati- Ardhpurusha for whom she is Ardhangini)
      Europa- female deity of Phoenician tin trader (nonscythian as Scythian whether Anglo or Roma trade in gold- zona sona )
      Greeki hate number 2 just like a Pak singer (propagandist for wahhabi – interesting portmanteau of Panjabee&Vahigur weird hmm riyadh is beneath contempt just like land of carnivore cannibalistik yemen)
      However at Occupied Khalistan Greater East Panjab we know that two 2 is good number- one is crazy – two is sane.
      Party according to Roman standard is only ever of two personages. More that two is a mob- danda soti latthi bandhuk bomb bombay
      Ramdev yogi vow to shut all hotel on the Subcontinent plus jansangh state no born sinner (xtian nikean creed nothing nice about nicean vudu) either by 2020. Finally parteyTime, full~stop.
      Missionary r boring neocolonialistic nike thieves – wretched nike murder boy child activist for child at wondrous immortal Pakistan of Niaz Uncle my pacifist uncle. Bajwa & mine clan in mini-feud abroad. Patriarchy: b bestest.

  6. PanirKudi108 Says:
    More *than* two is mob.

    As far as “serindia” SARHAND— head of Hindosthan.
    Sirhand East Panjab {chindo} occupied Khalistan.

    Month of Poh – midDecember 2 midJanuary Panth refrain from sweets & “party” due to atrocity against 4 Divine Kinderen boy children of
    The 4 sahibzade of Satguru Dasam 10th Patsahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Mahraj
    From sparrows to Falcon- pretty phenomenal.
    True Sikh never party actually. 2 busy fixing self & worlds.

    Demiurge of jewed Xtianity is eternal enemy of Sri Vishnu the most beautiful.

    For cultural respect I say enjoy weinacht abend plus living tannenbaum – Norfolk pine – this season is version Of divali- aummm plus early Lohri – asli Lohri mid January and is about baby boy not girl! It is celebrating birth of Heroic Baby boys born in year past- hero is Hritik Roshan phenotype- Classic Pashtunic etc Parthian Mede etc we waz kangz
    New realhistoryindia blog sometime soon.
    3 words the genuinely God-Fearing dread:
    Graveyard of Empires
    The only 8 words that matter:
    Wretched existence in perpetuity for enemies of Afghanistan.
    Loy Afghanistan

  7. Many pundits already started working hard to find the meaning/origin of SERINDIA. Let’s hope that we will repeat and exceed the success of finding the origin/meaning of ASIA (which we btw. haven’t found). They met some obstacles and because I will give them an early warning and a tip which they, if they wish, can ignore:

    Tip: ‘seres’ = ‘china’ >>> ha-ha-ha

    1. MMK, this link is a real crap. The guy is a creative writer and compiles the most fantastic things from others which neither the most frustrated taqianonymus homoron with mental problems could swallow. I think that he even doesn’t know in which continent is India located not mentioning to know the meaning of the continent name. I will wait to see the next two parts, he may explain the meaning of SERINDIA. I hope you will give it a shot, too.

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