Browncast episode 76: Sham Sharma and Mukunda Raghavan

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In this episode we talk to youtuber Sham Sharma (he hosts the Sham Sharma show on youtube). We are also joined by past guest Mukunda Raghavan, master of Meru Media. We talk about Indian civ, Hindutva, Muslims, Dexter Filkins and all sorts of fun stuff.


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Omar Ali

I am a physician interested in obesity and insulin resistance, and in particular in the genetics and epigenetics of obesity As a blogger, I am more interested in history, Islam, India, the ideology of Pakistan, and whatever catches my fancy. My opinions can change.

8 thoughts on “Browncast episode 76: Sham Sharma and Mukunda Raghavan”

  1. Sorry haven’t heard this podcast but saw the podcast with Amey (the Maratha patriot)..
    Quick comment: I was totally surprised by Amey’s accent..I was expected an Indian English accent (posh but Indian) was totally thrown off by his Americanish/England accent… Also, I feel some of his Indian word pronunciations are off ( Maratha, Ayodhya..) ..I think he knows how to pronounce those words properly but in English falls to somewhat English (like from England) pronunciations..Amey bro — comeon, can’t get Maratha and Ayodhya wrong.Fix it 🙂

  2. Sharma peddling the Hinduism of hipster whites in the bay area. Very inclusive, everyone is on their own path, etc.

    Hinduism historically was just as exclusive as Islam. They carried out horrific persecution of Buddhists and Jains, calling them godless heathens. They called non-Hindus mlecchas, refusing to inter-dine with them, celebrating their massacre in the Vedas and Mahabarata.

    1. Uh, I’m pretty sure the Mahabharata is about a great war between two rival dynasties, both of whom are very much Hindu and devotees of various Hindu gods. Where do you get these talking points lol.

      This sort of reminds me of Lefty revisionism on the Ramayan…they apparently missed the part where Ravan was a devotee of Shiva and a great Brahmin himself.

    2. – Cultic Encounters between Buddhism and Brahmanism in Early Medieval Bihar.

      Chinese had maleccha like concept aka 5 barbarians & it exists in almost all communities too but what differs is the extent of it’s influence & it’s intensity in different communities & different contexts {that can be understood via behavior of communities in a region during a particular time aka context}.

      You are exaggerating things to create false equivalence. -_-

      1. VijayVan
        As Kshatriyas , Pandavas were arya

        I dont think ancient Pandvas (pre BCE) even called themselves Kshatriyas. The Mahavamsa (oral tradition written in 6AD) mentions that Vijaya (approx 500 BC) and his followers got down Pandya princesses.

        Anyway, as far as I know South India does not have Kshatriya castes, even to this date

        The Jaffna Tamil Kings (minor Chieftains my opinion) in may have self styled themselves as Arya, but they they did not call themselves Kshatriya.

        However, I doubt that they were direct male descendants of Arya.
        i.e. Having the Y-DNA R1a.

        Why not Aryan; because I am a direct male descendant of the original line, thru Singai Pararasasegaram’s son Paranirupasingham. And I am j2b2.

        Paranirupasingham, the only “official” son who manged to escape the head chop by his half brother Sankili I (more on that later).

        Regards the j2b2 inheritance there is a cross reference upto around the 17th century. Sometime back when I first got my DNA tested had a Y-DNA plus 13 marker match. Contacted, turned out to be a DNA test sent by the daughter of a Samuel Kumarakulasingham Devadason who lived in Singapore. Arranged for both of us to pay for 64 (67?) marker test. Matched again, except one marker. Turned out we shared a common male ancestor, 6 generations removed, Thilliampalam Sangarapillai, son of Kumarakulasinghe Thilliampalam Irumarapilumthuiya and grandson of Mudaliyar Don Juan Kumarakulasinghe. (note change in names)

        So above establishes it was j2b2 and not R1a at least post 17th Century.

        But then who knows maybe the original Arya Chakravartis were R1a Aryan. Somewhere along the line a Mahesi/Queen had a yen for black Sudra j2b2. You know the American adage , “Once you go black, you dont go back”

        Now to Paranirupasingham. His two elder brothers, one who was named Sinhabahu (note) got killed by Sankili I, their “non royal” half brother. Yalpana Vaipava Malai kind of white washes Paranirupasingham saying he made peace with Sankilii and spent his life writing poetry.

        I kind of like Sankili I, he bumped off 600 Catholics of Mannar, killed his father and two brothers. Seems to have inherited his ancestor Magha of Kalinga’s (Kulinkayan Cinkai Ariyan) viciousness. Magha destroyed the whole Sinhalese Raja-rata (North and North Central province) including temples and village.

        Magha and the Arya Chakravartis claim to Sri Lankan was that they were descendants of Sinhabahu the father of Vijya the (mythical founder of Sri Lanka). I guess theses are written about cultural appropriation etc. Plenty in Jaffna post 12th century.

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